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As mentioned previously I have no nanny/domestic until at the very earliest, when the kids go back to school so I have to organise myself so that the house gets cleaned, dinner cooked etc etc. I also have developed a slight obsession with printables.

Add those two together and you will find a book of printables in my house right now with cleaning schedules and lists all pretty and themed and in colour.

There are some very cool cleaning schedule ones here – even if you have a domestic these would make for nice schedules for them.

There are some fun organising ones over here. (Ignore the 2012 calendar ones :-p)

These take time to go through but there are some awesome party ones!!

The ladies over at a Bowl Full of Lemons are organising an organising revolution which I am going to join in – I work better if I have specific instructions :)

Do you use printed lists like these? Or do you make your own?


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    I usually make my own lists (when I make lists). Making lists is one of the ways I destress and process my thoughts plus I love to write and this gives me the opportunity to write…

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    I mostly make my own but I have used the occasional printed list – quite honestly I prefer my own. The only printed list I regularly use is that monthly goals one that Marcia sends out.

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    Okay, Julia’s comment made me smile.

    I used to download everything and then some on the internet. I’ve since realised that the ONLY lists I use with any consistency are the ones I made – my customised grocery list and my master to-do list (which I adapted in 2012 into 12 goals lists for my mailing list). I love the master to-do list.

    When I’m going through a crazy patch at work, I also use my Eat the Frog list (ALL these are available on http://www.takechargesolutions.org in the free welcome pack)

    I just added a 2013 intentions form to the free pack for the next month or so…

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