I think this is the latest I have left my year in review post and I almost didn’t make it. This heat really just makes you so lethargic and we have lost the key to our main sliding door outside which means the house is extra hot. We had some drama yesterday – it appears someone really doesn’t like our puppy much. All our bathrooms and toilets upstairs are on the same side and all the pipes come down in the same place and are covered by some a wall of sorts – its basically boards screwed in with a few gaps in – we found Lucy shoved into one of those gaps last night when we got home from the park. We could only reach her on a ladder so there is no way she got up there on her own. We have let the complex people know – if it wasn’t one of them then someone “broke” in to our yard :-/ All a bit worrying!! ANYWAY back to the topic – my year in bullet points. Overall it wasn’t a bad year. Wasn’t the best we have had though. It was pretty ordinary.

  • I changed the focus of the shop.
  • Closed the shop all together. (Which in hind sight was the best decision of 2012)
  • Started up the little party business which I love love love.
  • Celebrated Jacks first birthday and Cameron entered double digits.
  • Had my hip replaced. (Next to the shop the second best decision we made for 2012)
  • David and Cameron started on their triathalon journey which has been much fun for us all.
  • Started wedding planning in earnest – well Natasha did. Honestly the whole this is making me very very anxious!!!
  • David bought a new car and I got his car – the biggest car I have owned.
  • We got a puppy.
  • I joined the Santa Shoebox team and will hopefully be on the Pretoria committee next year.

I don’t mind that nothing spectacular happened this year because next year is going to be jammed packed!! In the first 6 months we are getting married, D turns 30, his mom turns 50, D has the iron man and we all have our birthdays!! Fun times!!!

How was your year? How are you welcoming 2013 in?