Wedding Panic


The app on my phone says I have 4 months, 1 day, 22 hours, 9 minutes and 48 seconds until I get married!


It’s not possible – AT ALL!

Last week I had a mini panic attack about it – there were family issues, David’s friends have issues and there was still the small invite issue – SO many issues. I actually did shed a tear and I think looked very crazed because 4 phone calls later and D had the invite issue sorted out. I have decided that I am going to have tables of 2 – that way everyone is happy :)

Seriously though I am a little freaked out about everything that needs to be done. I have lists and check lists and a budget and a plan but still it is very overwhelming. The thing is the decor, invites, food etc don’t freak me out as much as the guests do – I really just hope everyone is able to hold their shit together for a few hours for us.

January is all about the invites – we are starting them on Friday and the goal is to have them sent out by mid-Jan.

February is decor month – we are doing it ourselves and I have the glass bottles for the tables – just need to find lace that won’t cost me the GDP of a small country – need to get to the Plaza I think.

March is apparently bachelorette month – sorry Tash, Godfather Guy never got the secret memo :) AND sorting out the boys clothes and Kiara’s dress.

April is panic month!!!!!

So if anyone wants to come with to the plaza or help with table decor or source powder purple lace for me – feel free :)


  1. Ankia says

    I totally suck at anything decor related, but I can drive you there and feed you pink wine from a hipflask while you shop 😉 Seriously though, people that really care about you *will* hold their shit together for a few hours. Remember one thing: Its YOUR wedding! You and David are the ones that are going to be looking at the photos for the rest of your lives. It’s *your* love you are celebrating, so just try and remember that and on the day take time to feel it, fully experience it and enjoy it without worrying about others!!! It’s what I did and I still (almost 10 years later) have people telling me our wedding was one of the most special they’ve attended :)

  2. says

    LOL…panic about the Big Day is par for the course – it doesn’t matter how big or small your wedding is.
    It’ll be fine. Really.
    Weddings are notorious for causing family drama. Trust me, they WILL keep their sh*t together for you. For now you need to ignore them – just smile and wave. Ultimately, it is YOUR wedding and they must deal with their stuff in THEIR own time and just show up on the day.
    Sounds like you have a sensible plan. Really, it will come together in the end.
    Good luck. x

  3. says

    Oy….I can only imagine! I am sure that your family will love you enough to keep everything together;-) Good luck with all the planning…I am sure it will come together beautifully.

  4. says

    Panic if you must as long as it makes you get things done and doesn’t cause unhealthy stress.

    I can join you for the decor shopping (my second favourite kind of shopping after grocery shopping) and even drive you there (not sure where plaza is) though you won’t be getting any pink drinks, just loads of water with ice and some chocolates (which I know you can’t have LOL, so you won’t have to worry about any extra pounds)

    Family drama is expected but the one thing I have learnt is that it’s not worth it, just ignore as much as possible or use my hubby’s tactic keep mum when any suggestions are made or issues arise but still go ahead and do as you please as long as you and David are on the same page most of the time :-)

  5. says

    I know this is probably easier said than done but try and enjoy the planning stage. Your wedding day is about “you” and David. No-one else! Do what makes you happy and it’s not worth stressing about the guests, because on the day everything will work out just perfectly and you’ll realize you’ve spent so much time worrying and it wasn’t even necessary.

    Please shout if you need any help :)

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