I am linking up with Tings Mom for Things on Thursday today :)

I actually wasn’t going to post about New Years Resolutions/goals because then I need to check back at the end of the year and I suck at seeing things through BUT I am determined to be more organised (this MAY be my word for the year) this year and then came across the post so I decided to do it.

So here they are – my goals for 2013

    • IMG_8412
  • Plan and execute the perfect wedding.
  • Loose 10kg – really this 10kg has remained with me all through 2012 – ENOUGH now!
  • Sew – I am still having a stand off with the sewing machine but I there is so much I want to make that I need to get over it.
  • Compete in at least 1 BSG triathalon with David – I really didn’t want to put this one on – it seems so huge but I actually really do want to do it.
  • Be more organised!
  • Continue with my gym routine of 5 days a week.
  • Attend the meditation retreat at the Budhist Temple in Bronkhorstspruit – if anyone is looking for a birthday gift for me – THIS would be it!!!!!
  • Learn how to bake bread!
  • Be a better friend.
  • Have more fun!

What are some of the things on your list?