I have tried not to be too OCD about the cleaning this holiday. I tidy up every day but do a proper clean every second day – floors, bathrooms etc. I actually really don’t mind it – 2 hours tops and it’s all done and then I know it’s done my way.

I conducted a small challenge of sorts with my little family a few days ago. Kiara has stickers on her wall – one is a crown – it’s about A5 size. Somehow it ended up on one of our stairs. These stairs are the only set of stairs from the top floor to the ground floor – in another words we ALL walk down them every single day a few times.

So I walk over the crown and decide to see how long it remains there. Now the sticker was brightly coloured and made from cardboard – so very visible.

Day 1 – sticker remains where it is.

Day 2 – sticker unmoved.

Day 3 – sticker still in the same spot.

True story this!

I know it is Kiara’s sticker so ultimately she should be responsible BUT I pick up stuff that’s out of place that doesn’t belong to me – you would think the other inhabitants of my house would too. Appears not :)

I eventually moved it this morning before it becomes unable to move.

In all fairness everyone has chipped in these holidays and helped out but these little things really fascinate me – I pile everyone’s shoes up at the bottom of the stairs, with the idea that they take them on their way up. LOL I have to remind them a few times before the shoes go up.

So here is the challenge – leave something on the floor and see how long your family leaves it there and then let me know!!!