With the start of the new year comes posts about resolutions, goals and words – everyone decides on their word for the year.

Last year was the first time I heard about this from Marcia’s blog and in theory I really liked the idea but I battle to keep my focus on anything for very long so the thought of focusing on one word for 12 months seemed a huge stretch and it still does to be honest.IMG_3357

Despite that I have decided to try. This year I am determined to be more organised. With 3 kids and a fiance who has some or other race happening every weekend in different parts of the province I kinda need to be more organised – I can’t cope with the choas any more.

So I thought of a few words, wrote a few more down, read a few blogs about it, contemplated a little more and finally came up with CREATE ORDER. 

Yes I know it’s two words but I kept coming back to this.

Towards the end of last year I spent a lot of time being creative – I baked, scrapbooked, made cards etc etc and it was my happy time. I want to do more of that this year so create had to be part of the word. BUT I didn’t want it to be the only thing because being organised is vital to my family’s survival this year. So creating order seemed perfect :)

So there you have it – this year I shall CREATE ORDER.