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I have been wanting to clean out my craft stuff for years now but it always seemed like a mammoth task so it has just been moved from one room to another but it remains the elephant in the room for me.

So on Saturday I tackled it – head first! I sorted out beads and ribbons and drawers and boxes and am so chuffed with the result :)

I will admit to not being 100% done though – I still need to actually sort out the bits of off cut paper and paper embellishments (they are all in one box), the filing (all in one big folder) and the photos (all in one box).

I was ruthless though and threw out a big black back of stuff – I had albums of random photos – people I don’t even know, blurry shots and just plain random stuff – so I sorted the ones I wanted and turfed the rest! The ones I have left I want to sort into my school photos, Cam, Kiara and family and then from their either scrapbook, frame or possible do another purge from there.

I moved the whole room around – the table wasn’t working and so I ended up sitting in the dinning room but now I can sit here nicely :)

I also ended up with a whole drawer full of boxes and storage containers which I am going to use for the toy room when I tackle that next week!!




During – there were moments it seemed the stuff was multiplying!!













I am really so happy with the way it came out and I actually don’t mind being in here now – lol – before I was running away from the chaos inside the drawers and cupboards.


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    I also had a mass clear out of my stuff, but unfortunately I don’t have a room or space specifically dedicated to it, so it all had to go back in a cupboard. I hope to use it much more this year though, now that it is organised a bit better.

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    Way to go! Getting organized always sounds so nice but we seem to forget that it get’s worse before it get’s better. We make a huge mess in the process of cleaning the original a mess!

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    Congratulations! Everything looks great, and it always feels so great to be organized, doesn’t it? I’m your latest e-mail subscriber from the Mommy LaDY Club hop :)

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