Things on Thursday – my favourite things

School started off well. Both kids are happy with their teachers which is always a plus. I have had loads and loads of books to cover and forms to complete – not my favourite thing but it should all be done by tomorrow.

Jack and I are getting into our little routine of gym, nap (for Jack not me), work, fetching kids – we are both really battling with this heat though. It is not pleasant at all but the upside is I am drinking loads of water.

I am loving the order I have created downstairs. It makes me so happy to sit in my craft room.

This week for Things on Thursday I am sharing a few of my favourite things.

  • Charlotte Rhys scented candles. I received one for Christmas and it is about the only scented candle I have tried that actually does make the room smell.
  • My Kenwood blender. I LOOOOVE it – that is all.
  • Our 13.2kg washing machine. With 2 big kids, one toddler, an fiance who gyms twice a day and me – we have a lot of washing and this machine makes it sooooo much easier.
  • Gym – I missed it and getting back into it feels good. I had such a nice cardio session today.
  • My little home-made planner – (part of my create order) – it isn’t as fancy as some of the ones I have seen on line but I love it and it is making my life a lot easier.
  • Dettols apple scented multi-purpose surface cleaner – I don’t like the mint/citrus cleaners – this one is sweet and makes my house smell pretty.
  • Ruby’s Haberdashery – I drive past this shop almost daily but always assumed it was just a fabric shop – it is anything but that. I went in searching for ribbon for the wedding invites and found a treasure chest of beads, ribbons, scrapbooking stuff and lots more. I love shops like this!! (Thanks Rina)


Isn’t that just the cutest picture – David took it during one of their walks to the park.

What are a few of your favourite things at the moment?


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    All the stationery on sale right now!
    My Kindle – this is the best love affair I have EVER had.
    This series that I just started watching – it’s called Sons of Anarchy. VERY different to what I would normally watch but I am HOOKED!

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    All sounds good to me. I wish i could find some apple scented wipes. We only have the lemon ones at work and they smell so bad they make my eyes water. Like an atomic lemon. It sounds like you guys will have the hang of the route in no time. I found ya on the thursday blog hop. I hope you and the family have a great weekend!


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    That is a very cute picture. :-)

    Favourite things at the moment…mmmm:
    -Cuddles – Nicola is in a very cuddly phase. It’s just fantastic, I love the cuddles.
    -Asparagus – well she won’t touch it so I get to eat the whole packet by myself.
    -Work – Odd I know, but I’m masterminding a move for our team from the 4th floor to the 1st (managed to snag the best seat for myself somehow), I’m tutoring a problem child in how to be assertive and it looks like it’s taking, and I got to name a secret mission this week (my first opportunity in three and a half years!). So I’m having a bit of fun with it all actually. Also, I can’t talk about it on my blog because some of my colleagues read it, but Steamcleaner tells me she’s planning a move to our UK branch by latest middle of the year and she’s asked me if I would be interested in her position because she wants to suggest me as her successor. I’m not qualified for it at all, but if there’s a promotion on the table I’ll throw my hat in the ring for sure!
    -Swimming at my folks: it’s been hot as hell all week and we’re so lucky to be able to go there whenever we feel like it.
    Instant Nescafe Cappucinos – someone at work gifted me a box, and I’ve been enjoying it tremendously.
    Criminal minds s8 – what I’ve been watching on the laptop this week.

    That’s about it for the moment. 😉

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    Fav things at the moment:
    Walks in the afternoon with my dogs, man and kid
    My kindle – LOVE my kindle to bits
    The cool drizzle we woke up to this morning :)

    Love that photo of Jack – he is so advanced with his gross motor skills – both feet off the ground already!


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    Ah, love this post – have been wanting to do one but you beat me to it!

    Am loving:

    My Johnsons Soy Daily Cleansing Scrub – amazing amazing and my skin has never felt better
    My kindle :)
    Watching the cricket series – who would ever have thought!
    Having both my girls home for the last few days of the holidays
    Fresh crunchy salads with every meal
    My camera and being able to capture moments when no one is aware
    Woolies mini seed rolls with ham, tomato, mustard and brie – too die for!

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    I’m happy that your kids like their teachers. My son is so much different this year being in Gr 4 and rotation of classes. He is so interested with school which makes me feel happy.
    Love that you love getting back into the gym thing again.

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    We got a new washer/dryer for Christmas and the extra capacity is one of my favorite things!
    Thanks for following! I’ll make sure I’m doing the same!

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    Love your list! Where can you find the Apple surface cleaner? Haven’t heard of this one but it sounds wonderful!
    hmmm, my favorite thing right now would have to be Aveeno two in one shampoo and conditioner for a quick wash that doesn’t damage your hair like say Pert plus!
    Thanks for sharing!

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    Great list, I love the photo 😉

    I am loving at the moment: 1) The warm weather, I love summer…I would hibernate in winter if I could. 2) Our heated pool where we spend a lot of time. 3) My Silhouette Cameo cutter for my crafting 4) My rather organised diary ( hope it lasts)

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