School started off well. Both kids are happy with their teachers which is always a plus. I have had loads and loads of books to cover and forms to complete – not my favourite thing but it should all be done by tomorrow.

Jack and I are getting into our little routine of gym, nap (for Jack not me), work, fetching kids – we are both really battling with this heat though. It is not pleasant at all but the upside is I am drinking loads of water.

I am loving the order I have created downstairs. It makes me so happy to sit in my craft room.

This week for Things on Thursday I am sharing a few of my favourite things.

  • Charlotte Rhys scented candles. I received one for Christmas and it is about the only scented candle I have tried that actually does make the room smell.
  • My Kenwood blender. I LOOOOVE it – that is all.
  • Our 13.2kg washing machine. With 2 big kids, one toddler, an fiance who gyms twice a day and me – we have a lot of washing and this machine makes it sooooo much easier.
  • Gym – I missed it and getting back into it feels good. I had such a nice cardio session today.
  • My little home-made planner – (part of my create order) – it isn’t as fancy as some of the ones I have seen on line but I love it and it is making my life a lot easier.
  • Dettols apple scented multi-purpose surface cleaner – I don’t like the mint/citrus cleaners – this one is sweet and makes my house smell pretty.
  • Ruby’s Haberdashery – I drive past this shop almost daily but always assumed it was just a fabric shop – it is anything but that. I went in searching for ribbon for the wedding invites and found a treasure chest of beads, ribbons, scrapbooking stuff and lots more. I love shops like this!! (Thanks Rina)


Isn’t that just the cutest picture – David took it during one of their walks to the park.

What are a few of your favourite things at the moment?