Photo Challenge – Faces

I am joining Marcia this week for her Photo Challenge :)

When I saw the challenge I was super excited but with school going back, the kids being sick and trying to make David’s birthday cake I just never got to take as many pics as I wanted to.

Here are the big two on the first day of school – Cameron just would not smile or be normal – this is the best of the bunch!!!

Cam and Kaira

And Mr Jack being silly :)


Kiara’s budgie died today. We arrived home and he was in a very odd position in his food bowl. She is devastated. I naively thought a new one would help so we went out and bought a new one but she is still so very sad! This isn’t the best photo because I didn’t want her to see me. She buried him and sat next to the spot and sobbed her little heart out :(


Join in if you have FACES photos this week!!


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    How incredibly sad for Kiara. My little ones usually give me cheesy smiles when they see the camera. I need to be far away with my zoom lens to catch great natural photos.

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    YES to Lynette’s comment.

    I actually just said to D in the car today my favourite pics these days are the ones I sneak with my zoom lens because they’re normal and full of fun (like the one you like of my Connor)

    Thanks so much for playing along!

    PS next month it’s self-portraits

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    I saw Kiara’s picture before I read the reason for her face and loved the picture but not the reason for the face (after I read the post). Poor baby. Hope she’s gotten over it now?

    And your two big ones look all set for school. Hope they are enjoying being back in school so far.

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    I really feel so sorry for Kiara, losing a pet is a tough thing to deal with. Especially when you understand this death concept. So much raw emotion…

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