We recently watched Casino Royale and Cameron has become fascinated with Poker and how you play (or more importantly how you win).


He keeps asking me “why does the dealer have cards” and “what can I do to win” – I generally look at him blankly and send him to David but if he isn’t around I need to formulate some sort of answer. I managed to find out some interesting little facts about cards though – did you know that cards were invented by the Chinese – it appears they do make everything! Interesting what you find out isn’t it.

Cameron can’t wait until he is 18 so he can go to a casino and play for real. He has already planned his 18th party – it is going to be at Monte Casino. He has 8 years to realise that to make money gambling you need to HAVE money to start with.

Kiara doesn’t care much for gambling or card games, apart from UNO. We have this game I bought for her when sh


e was much younger called Post the Most – it is a sweet game but is tedious and rather boring but she loves it. David and I suggest all the other games before we relent and play this one with her.

What games do your kids enjoy playing?

Do you enjoy the casino? (I really don’t)

Have you watched the 007 movies? Who is your favourite? Mine has to be Sean Connery!!!!