My kids love pizza – obviously and I have been trying to find a simple recipe for the bases but didn’t really want to do the whole kneading and rising bit. During one of my de-clutters I found an old Your Family that had this recipe in. It is super easy, quick and cheap to make!!


500g Snowflake Scone Mix

65g butter

1 egg

200ml water


1. Rub the butter into the mix until it forms breadscrumbs.

2. Place the egg in a measuring jug and then add water until 250ml.

3. Cut the wet ingredients into the dry ones with a flat knife until mixed in and then roll into a ball.

4. Roll out on baking trays and add your toppings,

This makes 2 of my medium size biscuit trays and is actually too much for the us to finish. So if you aren’t as many as we are then make half and keep the other half in the fridge. (I haven’t frozen it yet so not sure how it will work).

What pizza toppings do you like? Kiara will only have mince but the boys are pretty flexible and David will add anything we have :)