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So with all my de-cluttering and organising I have been thinking about just how much rubbish we accumulate in our homes!!!

On Monday I cleaned out the cupboard in my laundry – another black bag full of stuff was thrown out with a box of stuff heading to the Hospice shop!! This cupboard was filled with broken oil lamps, empty cleaning bottles and general crap.

So far between the craft room, the toy room and the laundry – that is 5 black bags of stuff that has either been thrown away or given away!!! Isn’t that mad?

I cleaned my kitchen out last year and there wasn’t much to throw out but there is a fair amount of stuff that needs to finds it’s way to the Hospice shop when David isn’t looking – it is stuff we haven’t used since we moved in here so really we do not need it.

The boys room is pretty organised and clutter free and Kiara has about a box full of rubbish (including old clothes) that needs to go and the same in our room.

I suspect though that if someone super organised like Marcia and even Fiona had to come into the house they would probably de-clutter a few more black bags :)

I actually said to David during the holidays that I was given everything away except our beds! We don’t need anything else because we just seem to be accumulating stuff left right and centre!!!!

My new rule now is – if it is to throw out – if the lamps are broken and WILL be fixed asap then keep them otherwise they get tossed. I am not keeping spray bottles any more in case we may need them. Kids stuff that is broken gets thrown away immediately – not put in the “to fix” pile only to never ever be fixed. I am not allowing our space to be invaded by STUFF any more!!!!

Do you also find yourself keeping stuff to maybe use in the future? Do your cupboards become cluttered? How do you prevent you home from the clutter especially with kids?