Things on Thursday – Jack

I am really loving being at home with Jack – maybe it is because he is kid number 3 but I find I have a lot more patience with him than I did with the other two. He is also at the super cute age now where he is starting to talk and keeps me entertained with his antics.

So today is all about Jack!!

  • He is now 19 months! Can you believe that – 5 months until his 2nd birthday!!
  • He plays peek-a-boo with us and goes “I see you” followed by “BOO”


  • He loves to swim and is very happy to put his head under the water and jump onto the step.
  • He loves bikes – we were in DisChem the other day and he is shouting from the trolley “MOM! MOM!” – I look where he is pointing and it is to a big picture of a scooter. There is one parked at the entrance we use to gym and he loves it – always big smiles when he sees it.
  • While I am at gym he spends the hour at the ClubV – he runs to the door, runs in but the second I turn to leave all hell breaks loose and he screams but by the time I  have put my bag in the change room and walked out he is fine :-/
  • He is still very much attached to the bottle – he actually freaks if you try take it away from him!
  • We are back at Moms and Tots now and he still refuses to do anything I try get him to do.
  • If I ask him to show me his mouth etc he refuses but if I ask him to put the biscuit in his mouth, whats on his foot/hand – then he knows perfectly well where it all is!


What are your kids up to?


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    He is such a cutie…you are blessed to be at home with him and see each milestone. Enjoy every moment. My grandchildren are growing at such a rate…and the oldest started Grade R yesterday. It feels like yesterday when she was born.

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    I can’t believe that it’s almost 2 years now. When I read blogs like yours and follow your journey since your kid was born, it slaps me in the face on how fast time passes. Yikes!
    Such an adorable boy you have :)

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    He is just delicious Laura!

    Kade is growing in leaps and bounds – everyday we’re hearing 2 – 3 new words and he’s running, jumping and being a monkey most of the time. He never sits still! Its awesome but also exhausting. He mimics everything we do and say so I have to be very careful about saying “shit etc” at the moment :)

    I must say I’m LOVING this age!


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    He is just such a cutie pie. They grow too fast if you ask me…

    And in that first picture, he looks like he was doing something he shouldn’t be doing. I hope the being stubborn is from one parent and not both (just saying) :-) 😉

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    I love the pics!

    D says 18 – 21 months was still his favourite stage :)

    My kids are so sweet it makes me want to write everything down and take pics galore and in the next instant, so stubborn and defiant I want to send them back. And then again 5 minutes later they’ll say, “Mummy, I love you” and I melt. I tell you, it’s a rollercoaster – age 3!

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