For the most part I think I am doing an ok job parenting my kids. David and I make a balanced team and all 3 of my off spring seem happy and well adjusted (forget about the one who ran away for a moment).

Then something happens that makes me feel like I have achieved nothing!

We have a “day system” in our house – every day a different child is on duty – all they have to do is set and clear the table, pack/unpack the dishwasher, feed the dog and whoever’s day it is on a Wednesday must take the rubbish bin to the gate. I don’t think this is unreasonable at all – they are 8 and 10 so are able to do all of this.

Wednesday was Kiara’s day so she had to take the bin out. So she starts moaning and groaning. I ignore her but she is in my face with her sulking and whinging about how it’s gross and can’t she do it next week. Eventually I loose my patience and shout at her. Off she goes but not without drama – there were apparently maggots on the bin (when I asked her to show me she has apparently killed them all) and then the bin was too heavy.

This general moaning doesn’t bug me to much what really upset me was when I asked her who is going to do it if she doesn’t – she replied “Fanie (gardener) or David”. I saw red!!! She honestly believes that it is beneath her to take the bin out – a bin that she helped fill up!

It really bothers me that she has this sense of entitlement about her. This is the most recent event but when we the nanny was still here both her and Cameron would tell me to get Josephine to do it. I hate it!

I don’t know if there is a problem somewhere with my parenting and the lessons they are learning or maybe she is still to young to understand it all?

Do your kids have chores? How do they react to them? Those of you with full time help how do your kids react to them? Do they expect them to do it or do they take some responsibility?