Saturday Fun

I am off to East London today to meet David – he races tomorrow! I am a very anxious traveller – I stress about EVERY SINGLE LITTLE thing! Even with no kids I am a walking time bomb!

Anyway a little Saturday fun from The Crafty Side.

My 11 questions for my nominees.

1} What is your ultimate goal for 2013? To pull off our wedding sane :-p

2} If you could be anything in the world for a day what would it be? Quiet – I would be quiet. Still and quiet. Did I mention quiet? 

3} What is the best vacation {or staycation} you’ve ever been on? I think it has to be the Christmas I spent with David in Cape Town – the kids were with their dad and I surprised David – we had a really awesome time.

4} What is your favorite food?  Sushi and carbs – any and all carbs!

5} What do you wish you could do everyday that you don’t get a chance to do? Read! I don’t get to read enough.

6} Do you burp in public? { I’m watching Honey BooBoo- it’s only appropriate} Nope I never burp at all – ever!

7} What is your favorite song? Right now I am loving Fun – Some Nights

8} What makes it your favorite song? I can sing along and the tune is vibey.

9} What is the best dessert you’ve ever eaten? mmm I don’t know I love desserts. Probably my mom’s self saucing chocolate pudding!

10} Do you watch Honey BooBoo’s TV show? Nope

11} What is your favorite TV channel? Well our TV connect is currently broken so we are watching DVD’s but if we did have DSTV then I would say the Lifestyle channels – I enjoy Come Dine with Me, Cake Boss – that kind of thing.

Hope you are all having a great Saturday – think of my David tomorrow swimming, cycling and running 113.1km’s!


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