Until this weekend I had never been to the Eastern Cape so it was all new to me. I drove through from PE to East London to meet David there. (If you are wondering why – it has to do with flight prices etc)

The drive was beautiful. I travelled on the R72 – it is a single lane for most of the way but it is such a lovely drive. You drive along the coast for a while and pass through some pretty little towns like Port Alfred,Kenton on Sea and Kleinemonde.




Then you arrive in East London.

If you have ever watched the movie Cars you will know Radiator Springs, well East London reminds me of Radiator Springs. It is a small, unloved little town with huge potential!!!

The race is held on one of the dodgiest beaches in East London but to be honest I never really felt unsafe. The houses along the beach front are falling apart – literally but they are such beautiful old homes that with a lick of paint and some love could be stunning.

If I was a billionaire I would buy up all the homes within a block from the beach we were at and renovate them. They are screaming to be loved!!

I must say though that the people are incredibly friendly!!! Everyone we asked for directions or assistance was more than willing to help!

There is a hidden gem though! Beacon Bay and Nahoon Beach. Nahoon Beach is breathtaking. I wish David and I had more time to just chill there – it was just what we needed after the race.


I would actually go so far as to say that this little beach make a trip to East London a must!!

We then spent Monday in PE waiting for our flight and it really is such a lovely little town. The beach is beautiful, the people friendly and vibe totally chilled!


Another highlight was meeting Shayne – I have been following Shayne’s blogging for years and years and when I met her it didn’t feel like the first time we had met. It was so lovely and I could have chatted to her all day!!! I am just very glad she is a cycler wife because I am not sure a non-athletes wife would have understood my need to be back at the race when David let me know his bike had broken!

All in all it was a great little weekend away to another beautiful part of our country!!!

Have you ever been to PE or East London? What did you think?