Happiness is…..

I am joining Crazy Adventures this week for her Happiness is.…adventure.

Even though this week is beating me – with us being away, the washing machine being broken, Jack still having a bit of an upset tummy (week 4) – there is still loads of happiness.

Happiness is……..

  • Doing your monthly shop 2 days early and it is actually almost half of what it was the previous month.
  • Kisses from the baby.
  • Long naps by the toddler so I can get stuff done.
  • Reading a good book – I bought one at the airport to read on the plane and I am loving it.
  • Random messages during the day from David.
  • My noisy children arguing, playing – just being kids.
  • That feeling when you have finally packed away the baskets full of clean laundry :)
  • Handing out the first of wedding invitations.

What is making you happy?


  1. says

    Right now? The fact that I feel NORMAL (i,e, not drained and like the living dead) after my Vit B shot yesterday. I actually came home, cleaned up, cooked and sorted homework and baths within the space of 72 minutes. Am rather impressed with myself.
    AND my DH doing an extra job to generate extra income. Because he wants to buy me a (very expensive) gift! Isn’t he divine?

  2. says

    Sorry that his triathlon didn’t go as planned. I love reading how your life is so full of blessings since David came into it. :)

    I’m happily working from home today, outside on a beautiful day!

  3. says

    So what you are saying is that I really should put away that basket of laundry that is hiding in the corner of my room? LOL I’m on it! This is such a happy list. Love it!

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