I am joining Crazy Adventures this week for her Happiness is.…adventure.

Even though this week is beating me – with us being away, the washing machine being broken, Jack still having a bit of an upset tummy (week 4) – there is still loads of happiness.

Happiness is……..

  • Doing your monthly shop 2 days early and it is actually almost half of what it was the previous month.
  • Kisses from the baby.
  • Long naps by the toddler so I can get stuff done.
  • Reading a good book – I bought one at the airport to read on the plane and I am loving it.
  • Random messages during the day from David.
  • My noisy children arguing, playing – just being kids.
  • That feeling when you have finally packed away the baskets full of clean laundry :)
  • Handing out the first of wedding invitations.

What is making you happy?