In some ways this isn’t my story – it wasn’t my race. I never spent hours training and preparing. I was just “support”.IMG_3900

Most of you may know by now that David never finished the race. His bike died half way through the cycle. It was devastating. He was going so well until then – he was 15 minutes ahead of the times he thought he would do. He was looking strong and really doing so well.

My heart broke for him when I got the sms and this morning when I downloaded the photos and saw his face as he came out for the ride – he was having the time of this life. The whole thing just sucked!

Despite that I am still so super proud of him – he put so much training and effort and hard work into preparing for this race. I know he would have finished but for some reason it was not meant to be this year. So we will be back next year :)

As a spectator the race ran like a well oiled machine. There was lots of place for us to watch each transition, there were volunteers helping us cross the track, there was food and drinks available. As is always the case the vibe between the spectators is really awesome.

My one and only complaint would be the fact that David was left on the side of the road for over an hour after his bike broke. He sent me an sms during my breakfast with Shayne and said he would get a lift back so I went back to the finish not thinking for a second it would take almost 2 hours for him to get back. We were still holding out hope that they support vehicle could fix the problem so I knew I couldn’t ask anyone for help but I assumed asking if the support vehicles have a schedule of sorts wouldn’t be an issue. Well I was wrong. The referee who I asked didn’t ask me if D was ok – he asked how I knew he had stopped. Apparently the athletes aren’t allowed cell phones with them and if they are caught with them it is an instant disqualification :-/ He was so rude to me and so uninterested in whether David was ok or not and eventually told me he would just have to wait! Fair enough! But over an hour wait in insane heat? I really don’t think that is cool. Apparently there were 4 support vehicles for the 90km ride – that’s one every 24km – considering that 300 people didn’t finish it doesn’t seem like enough.


I was also on the beach when they pulled out one of the men who died. It was horrible. We saw them pull up with the dingy and all you see is the wetsuit and all the wetsuits are very similar. It was a very nerve-wracking moment and I held my breathe until I saw a marking on the suit that I knew wasn’t David’s.

A race like the Iron Man is tough. It is physically challenging, even for the fit guys, and while the athletes are so focused on finishing, winning, bettering times – the supporters all hold their breath at each transition. Some times I wish David had stuck with golf – at least you can’t get injured playing golf :)



Even though the result wasn’t what either of us wanted, we got to spend two days together kid-free in 2 pretty little towns and for me, that is always like winning the lotto.

Congratulations to Pamela and Christelle who also raced :) See you ladies next year?

Does your partner do any outside activities like this? Are you supportive/involved? Or is it his/her thing?