I am joining up again this week with Life’s Beautiful Moments blog hop :)


I can’t think of a “theme” this week so you are getting a bit of randomness.

  • This week has chewed me up and spit me out a little broken – I can’t seem to gain control.
  • Half of the wedding invites are done 100% – they will be handed out at David’s birthday. Rest will be done on Sunday.
  • My washing machine was collected yesterday – holding thumbs it is returned today.
  • Jack actually can not get cuter – I am loving spending my mornings with him.
  • Kiara hates her therapy – it is apparently boring. She hates most of her exercises so we fight to get homework done and then fight for that as well. It is tiring.
  • Cameron is not enjoying Grade 5 – the work is not hard but he just can’t seem to find his groove. These blue books they have to work with though are crap – I hate them and so do the kids.
  • Cameron was invited to a paintball party next weekend. I am somewhat anti but can’t really say he can’t go can I? He is so excited.
  • I got Jamie Olivers 15 minute meals recipe book for Christmas and the recipes are easy and look yum but most of them involve ingredients we don’t normally keep in the house. Does anyone else have this book? What have you made?
  • I went to gym yesterday and it felt like I hadn’t been there for weeks – I barely managed to cycle 15 minutes – I can normally do 30 minutes on my cardio days.
  • Yesterday a mom was telling us about her son who had his jaw cracked by a fellow pupil at their school. They are NINE years old. She isn’t sure of the story – her son said he did nothing and the kid just came up to him. Her child has a history of being bullied though :( The mom of the child who did it is big friends with the principal so nothing has been done about it. This was at a private school. She is taking her kid out – it is the last straw – she has battled for 4 years with similar issues.
  • I am over this heat now. You can’t do anything. It is horrid.
  • There has been a number on the scale that has been haunting me for months now – actually possible over a year – well I have broken it – ok just broken it but still. I am hoping I can get a kg or 2 away from it :)

What’s happening with you this week?