{Giveaway} Friday afternoon competition – Win a Groupon Voucher

January is always a tight month and often even February too.

So there is no money to splurge on a mani or a pedi or even eat out.

Well I have an awesome giveaway that would allow you to indulge a little.

I have one R500 Groupon voucher up for grabs – you can spend it on whatever deal you want to – a spa package, a meal out, a day out with the family – WHATEVER you want to!!

The rules are simple

  • Leave a comment telling me what you would spend the voucher on.
  • Like Harassedmom

The competition ends next week Friday (1 February 2013) and is open to SA residents only.

And….GO :)


  1. Wendi says

    A voucher for a Brazilian Hair Treatment – means I dont have to do my hair everyday and gives me 15 more minutes in bed.

  2. Natalie Lawrence says

    In desperate need of a pedicure! And maybe an outing for the family so that I don”t feel too guilty!

  3. Christelle says

    Would spend it on an outing for the family – we need some family time after all the hours of training we have done the last few months. And the kids never complained …..

  4. Karen Lamb says

    I’d defo find the best spa deal in Cape Town and take advantage, not only did my wallet take a beating during the festive season, this big voluptuous body also took major strain. A spa treat … just what I need.

    For liking you page … that was the easy part. Love all your updates.

    Holding thumbs.

  5. Sara says

    I would love to escape (even for a one night getaway close by). My partner (Stuart) and I, have been together six years, and with hectic daily schedules, we have never had a holiday away together!It’s shameful actually *blush*

  6. says

    I would break this voucher into little bits… a meal out with the hubby. Maybe a mani/pedi for myself. And maybe a day out for the kids. R500 can go a long way on Groupon!

  7. says

    What would I do with a groupon voucher – maybe towards paying for a cake decorating or photography course or a photoshoot. R500 would go a long way on Groupon :-)

  8. says

    They have a spa experience for 2 on there for R299.00, and then there’s always a good dinner deal for around R150. I’d spend the voucher on 2 deals like that, and treat David for our 10th anniversary on the 8th of Feb…

  9. says

    OMW a back massage!!! I’m not loving SARS right now (deadlines – Tax manager) and am permanently hunched up over my computer making sure we meet the deadlines without my staff needing to do overtime. Massage Massage Massage… grovel.

  10. Janette Johnson says

    I’ll take the hubby out for dinner or maybe on a small getaway, we haven’t had a vacation in years.

  11. Angie says

    I’d love to say that I’d pamper myself, but I would take myself & the girls out for supper! We’d indulge in whatever our hearts desire, because we don’t have a budget to watch.

  12. says

    I would spend it on a decadent night out of town. Groupon are always having crazy offers at fabulous hotels or B & B’s so I would book one of those. It’s Don and our 10th Wedding Anniversary on the 3rd May (the day before your wedding)…so that we don’t miss the wedding of the year I’ll book us in the weekend before or the weekend after :)

  13. Elle Haasbroek says

    Oooh.. I do so love Groupon! Hmm.. A massage? A day trip? I think the perfect way to spend it would be a little weekend break somewhere chilled, how I would love some down-time with hubby and my 9 month old. Time really flies, and we are in desperate need of some relaxing family time.

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