I am going to whinge about the heat! I can not handle it at all. I had little beads of sweat on my forehead today while doing my chores. So very attractive – NOT!!

Anyway hopefully it all breaks soon!

Yesterday we did some DIY in the laundry – I LOVE it! LOVE it!!!

This is the before pic – there was this stupid set of cupboards mounted on the wall. They were always in the way and hard to access and too big for the room. It is such a pokey room that getting a decent pic is hard.


I ripped the cupboard out – literally ripped it :-p All except one of the nails was stuck in, the one was hammered in so Cameron and I pulled it until it came out. They had tiled around it so I painted the “hole” and David then put these shelves up. Doesn’t it look just awesome? I could put everything into these baskets.


Today I wanted to sort out my scrapbooking paper but I really had no idea how. It is an awkward size and doesn’t fit into a drawer so I went onto pinterest and saw this. I managed to do something similar – I sorted it into colours, themes etc and then screwed cup hooks into this shelf and hung each lot up with bull clips. It’s not the best pic but you get the idea. I love it. I can now see it, access it easily and it isn’t getting ruined!!!


So on my create order journey I spent one morning writing out all the cricket match dates and venues, gala dates and venues, practices etc. I scheduled Kiara’s therapy around all of this. We use the communicator and it makes life so easy. UNTIL we get told that the matches are now starting 3 weeks early and cricket practice days are now also Thursday :-/ I am so annoyed.I had everything really well planned and organised – now my Thursdays involve – homework at school with Kiara until 14h45, then to therapy at 15h00, back to fetch Cameron at 15h30 and back to fetch Kiara at 16h00. I was trying to avoid this. I HATE this kind of up and down waste of time and petrol thing!!!


How was your Monday?