They say things happen in three’s well we are on FIVE – clearly we are heading for a double here or something!

We have had issues with our pool for months – eventually this year we got the guts to actually get the pool people out to assess the situation – well the pump was waterlogged (??) and has to be replaced. Yes sure we have R3000 to drop on that! (That’s the cost of 6 people for the wedding)

David’s road bike broke – fine it was an old bike etc etc – problem is that it is an old bike and the part is almost impossible to find.

The washing machine broke – AGAIN – so not sure if it counts. It is currently being held hostage by PMC Electronics because I am refusing to pay. Samsung say I am covered by the 3 month workmanship warranty and PMC say that’s rubbish. I hellopeter’d it and was called but the guy is now avoiding me!

My windscreen cracked – long story but it is being fixed as I type this! There is an excess and more than we have spare now – so one person may have to be scratched off the wedding list :-p

David’s mountain bike broke on Sunday. The seat broke?? They can fix it but not for free obviously! (Another person off the list)

Seriously??? Enough already :(