That’s FIVE things – wasn’t it only supposed to be THREE?

They say things happen in three’s well we are on FIVE – clearly we are heading for a double here or something!

We have had issues with our pool for months – eventually this year we got the guts to actually get the pool people out to assess the situation – well the pump was waterlogged (??) and has to be replaced. Yes sure we have R3000 to drop on that! (That’s the cost of 6 people for the wedding)

David’s road bike broke – fine it was an old bike etc etc – problem is that it is an old bike and the part is almost impossible to find.

The washing machine broke – AGAIN – so not sure if it counts. It is currently being held hostage by PMC Electronics because I am refusing to pay. Samsung say I am covered by the 3 month workmanship warranty and PMC say that’s rubbish. I hellopeter’d it and was called but the guy is now avoiding me!

My windscreen cracked – long story but it is being fixed as I type this! There is an excess and more than we have spare now – so one person may have to be scratched off the wedding list :-p

David’s mountain bike broke on Sunday. The seat broke?? They can fix it but not for free obviously! (Another person off the list)

Seriously??? Enough already :(


  1. says

    Shew :(
    We started off last year similar to how you started this year ~ with everything breaking and costing a small fortune to fix and it seemed like it never ended at the time. It was horrible! SO I feel for you Laura.

    Hoping it comes to an end SOON!

  2. says

    Wow…that really is a rough start to the year.

    I wanted to ask/tell/mention to you something about washing machines – I don’t know if it will be relevant to your problem though. My parents used to have endless problems with their machine. It turned out that underwires from bras were the culprits. Now they have a bag for those to put them in when they go through the wash and they haven’t had a clog in ages.

  3. says

    that is hugely sucky! I hate when you feel things have got to be over and they keep happening. 2011 for me – thank GOD that is over.

    on the bright side, at least you have your health :) (slap me!)

  4. says

    Oh gosh, what a crappy start to the year. Check if the house insurance will not pay for the pool pump? ANd have you tried that cycle shop in Silverton next to the Spar that seem to have all sort of odd parts?

    I really hope it is all over and done now.

  5. C says

    That’s why you should have savings….then no stress when these things happen.

    Don’t have your next kid until you have a good amount put away, kids are expensive and then you’ll really stress when a few unexpected costs arise at the same time. Just practical advice.

  6. deborah says

    shame hope things come right soon! i so know that feeling in december we had problem with our car – could only take it to dealership and they wanted 2 charge us R19500 who has that money lying around specially over festive season! then it took them 3 weeks for them to fix my car

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