There have been some posts around about extra-muruals lately – I shared my thoughts in the comments of this post and then again in this one if you want to read them :)

Today’s post is more about things I think parents need to know about starting primary school (or even school in general).

  • Find a school close to where you live. Trust me on this one. Waking a child up at 6h30 instead of 5h30 makes a HUGE difference in their day and in your morning!
  • If you work full time spend a little extra money on an after care that does homework (correctly) or an aupair who can do homework with them. It makes life a lot easier if you don’t have to start doing it when the kids are exhausted.
  • Make friends with the other moms. They will become your greatest resources.
  • Don’t stress about your kids eating (or not eating) what you pack in for them. Make sure they have a good breakfast and a good lunch after school and they will be fine.
  • Use google for those tricky homework days – guilt-free. The only reason the teacher is asking us to make sentences with the likes of “concord” and “Maharaja” is because they don’t know what they mean.
  • Attend as many of the parent/information evenings as you can – it does make a difference if the staff recognise you and your child.
  • Your child does not have to do everything nor do you need to buy every single thing they suggest you buy on more little pieces of paper like personalised sports bags and cricket helmets and study guides for R800!

What advise do you have for mom’s new to school?