February Blog Challenge – Day 1

Even though I am not lacking for blog fodder at the moment and usually loose focus on these challenges I liked a lot of the prompts on this one so I am joining in. I think I spotted it first over at Cupcake Mummy.

I had my monthly check in with my bio this week for a new training programme and she gave me the green light to start pilates again. I nearly jumped for joy. So I went to a class yesterday. I swear I heard my body screaming with joy!!! It was a zen pilates class so we did some Thai Chi and some yoga and some pilates. Our instructor is a male dancer and pushed us. I can feel it this morning but it was so worth it!!!!! EVERYONE needs pilates in their life! EVERYONE!

Back to the challenge – today was Self portrait – these are my worst. I hate photos of myself – HATE THEM!! But anyway here is one – yes it is also of Jack but whatever :-p


How has your week been??


  1. says

    I like this photo of you and Jack :)
    Glad you got the green light for Pilates. Got a smile when I read how much you enjoyed it.
    My week was so busy at work. No moment to sit still and just drink a cup of tea :(

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