Describe 3 significant memories from your childhood..

1. I have actually wanted to blog this moment for ages but just never get to it. When I was in high school I was chubby. One day during a PE lesson where we swam one of the friends said “Oh look you are loosing weight there is a gap between your thighs”. I wanted to die a thousand deaths that day. It has stuck with me my whole life and did nothing to improve mu body image. I still judge my weight by the gap between my thighs.

2. My gran used to live in a granny flat on our property. I loved it. Her and I were very close. When she got sick and bed ridden she moved into my brothers room. It was terrible. We would walk passed her room and listen if she was still breathing. I will never forget that time. My parents did what they thought to be right and I don’t blame them or judge their decision – I just know I don’t want my children to do that. There are wonderful facilities that can care for the terminally ill.

Gosh both of those are pretty grim memories :-/

3. Memory 3 is a lot happier. I remember making Easter Eggs at Easter with my mom. She would boil the eggs and we would decorate them. It was so much fun!! I have a clear picture of the kitchen counter with all the goodies on.

4. And just one more happy one – my mom baking all of our birthday cakes!! It is kind of why I insist each year on baking my kids cakes!!

What are some of your childhood memories?