February Blog Challenge – Day 3

I spent ages searching the web for pictures of my dream home and I couldn’t find one that grabbed my attention.

With our many children, David’s many bikes and my many craft supplies we actually do, ideally, need a fairly large house but I don’t want a big house, if that makes sense?

What my dream house MUST have is….

  • A big kitchen with lots of cupboards and lots of work space, a breakfast nook and a walk in pantry.



  • A craft space for me, a study for David and toy room for the children – these 3 can in no way be linked and included in the toy room would be the xBox, Wii etc.
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  • A pool (that cleans itself and needs NO human intervention WHAT SO EVER)
  • A BIG double garage so there is space to store David and Cameron’s bikes, golf clubs, squash racket and various other sporting things the two of them have!
  • A downstairs toilet.
  • A large covered outside entertaining area.
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  • A walk in cupboard in the main bedroom.
  • A wrap around porch.
  • A separate laundry big enough for a washing machine, tumble drier and 3 washing baskets!!!


What are your must haves in a dream house?


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    What a stunning “dream” home. I just don’t know about the swimming pool that needs no intervention. If you find that you will make a fortune…and my hubby will love it.

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    My dream kitchen is the one in Something’s Gotta Give – oh man!!!! I can’t have open shelving because of all the bright colours I like which will just create visual disharmony! Which must have a bench!!!

    I also would LOVE to have an outside area (a room in effect) that we could spill out to if weather’s good like it is here about 9 months of the year. The one in your pic is gorgeous.

    And my OWN study! Currently one desk is so messy I want to sweep it all off into a bin but I’m not allowed to touch that desk… :)

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    I do love the kitchen and craft room that you’ve posted.

    I have to be honest – i love my home. Yes, it is old and there is a lot that could be done to it (but remember money never gets spent on the farmhouse) but it is a real home and i am so happy here. The one thing I am really after is a enclosed patio. This is a dream that I will keep on dreaming!

    But our home is big – we all have our own room and then a space to be in – which is just what I love about it.

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    Ok, I think I need to add some of those to my dream home as well!

    I love that picture of the undercover entertainment area, I am going to save that picture and hopefully one day……

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    Ooh my dream kitchen looks like the one Anna Olson bakes in! Three or four HUGE ovens, cooling racks down the side, and drawers full of ingredients right where I mix!

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