February Blog Challenge – Super power

I could do without this question but in the name of the challenge I am doing it :)

So what super power would I like and what would I do with it first?

I have answered this before actually but really can’t remember what I chose. I think I would choose invisibility. I think it would be cool to be invisible. I would spend the day at the kids school to see how they are during the day and then spend the next day with David to see how he is at work :)

Then I would visit the people who broke my washing machine and spend the morning messing with them :-p

What would your super power be?

Yesterday we did the big room clean outs – well our room, Kiara’s and 90% of Cameron’s room.

A further 9 blag bags left my house after we were done – 8 with clothes and shoes and 1 with rubbish. I was pretty ruthless with our cupboard and am chuffed with the result. It does appear that now neither David or I have any clothes but the stuff we do have is the stuff we wear and can now we can see it clearly and neatly. The room feels lighter.

I repacked the linen and towels and sighed at all the baby clothes and blankets. The top of our cupboard is choc-a-bloc with old baby clothes that I don’t want to throw out until we know what baby no 4 is but it is frustrating me for 2 reasons – 1 – it is taking up space and 2 – I don’t know where we will put it once baby arrives? Right now it is is bags and suitcases!

I also turfed all of Kiara’s bag lady clothes that each time I do a clear out she seems to hide – this time I put them in the bag and off they will go tomorrow. She also has very few clothes left BUT even when she has a cupboard full of wearable stuff she only wears 2 things so now at least the cupboard is neat and tidy.

Cameron made a pile of his small clothes but then Jack went to nap and by the time he woke up I was done so I still need to repack Cameron’s cupboards. I did Jack’s drawers a while ago already.

I thought it was going to be a quick thing but it took all morning!! I really am amazed by the amount of clutter we have in the house.

How was your weekend? Do you clear out your clothes cupboards regularly?


  1. says

    “I thought it was going to be a quick thing but it took all morning!! I really am amazed by the amount of clutter we have in the house.”
    Seriously??? That would have taken me a month of Sundays. I’m convinced I’m the Clutter Queen.

  2. says

    You are doing awesome. I still need to tackle my bedroom and cupboards. The last room that still needs decluttering. I hope to get time next weekend.

    My boys thought I had super powers when they were small because I always knew what they were up to. I remember Kobus Jr saying: Jis Ma, hoe weet Mamma alles. He was convinced that it was a “mom” thing . If I could wish for a super power it would be to instantly know when people lie to me. Flip, nothing makes me more angry when I have been had.

    PS: Are you pregnant?

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