We must be doing something right

Just before I left my ex Cameron drew a picture of me at school – I was crying. It was a big wake up seeing that picture. I think it was in that moment that I realised change needed to happen.

We never really know as parents if we are doing a good job – our kids seem happy but then they shout at us or are defiant or break something and we doubt ourselves.

As you know my kids get spelling words each week (hateful spelling words) and they need to make sentences with them. I was checking with Cameron that he had in fact done his homework during a foster period (sort of a free period) and he said “Yes, we had the word goddess and I made the sentence, My step-dad treats my mom like a goddess”


I will take the gold stars for both David and myself thank you very much!!!! Ok maybe David does get an extra one :)

It is a simple sentence but is so very loaded. Not only does it mean that David treats me like a goddess but it means Cameron is seeing it, appreciating it, learning from it. Isn’t that how we raise strong men who treat women with respect and kindness?

I think most of us, as parents, live for these little moments of validation.

Have you had any of these moments recently?


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    This is one of those moments when you realise just how much your children are observing and taking on board, without you even realising it.

    Good on David (and you) xx

    My D is always telling me how blessed I am to have Dean, and how he is such an awesome husband to me. I can only hope that she finds a man that treats her the same way one day x

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    Awesome!! Since my stepson lives with us of his own free will, I like to think he feels the same way about how his dad is treated this time round (except not goddess… rather like a greek god with hair!!!)

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    That’s amazing Laura – very special!
    My little girls are adapting to my divorce, I think. As you say, you never really know – until they either act out, or make a comment like Cameron has. I’ve met an incredible man, who they adore and who I hope, they will one day accept and love. He treats me like a goddess too, and I believe they see and enjoy that!
    Well done!

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    That’s awesome! My son can’t talk yet, but I love it when he cuddles me or throws himself into my arms. That’s great feedback for me.

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    What a beautiful testimony from your son. It is awesome that he can see the love between the two of you and know that it is special. Well done to you and David.

    PS: Makes me think and feel sorry for all the mommies that stay with their men just for the sake of the children. They do more harm than good.

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    That is wonderful indeed! Well done to you and David!
    For me, the knucklehead wanting to bring his friends over to our house is validation, albeit non-verbal.
    And a few years ago the knucklehead’s shrink assured me I had not screwed him up.

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