Guess what?? I am getting a new washing machine. After the second service provider broke the machine Samsung relented and yesterday I received the information and can now go and exchange my machine.

I am torn though because when it works this machine is wonderful but the service from Samsung and their service providers was crap – so do I simply exchange machines or do I get a new brand. If I swap brands I probably won’t be able to get a 13kg without paying in a fair amount and we just don’t have the spare cash right now (or more people to drop from the wedding list :-p).

Game still have about a months worth of admin to do before I can get the new one so when they give me the green light I will look again properly.

What brand of washing machine do you have? How big is it?

Today’s challenge prompt is “name one brand of clothing that best describes your style”

There are two – Mr Price’s trail range you find at Mr Price Sport and Pick n Pay’s Chereokee range.

I couldn’t find a link to the range I am talking about from Mr Price but my Mr Price Sport has a section of it and it’s lots of casual florals and beiges and they fit me nicely.

PnP’s range also fit me properly – I can actually buy my size without trying it on and I know it will fit right.

Neither one of these brands are particularly glamorous but both fit my “style” which really is comfort above fashion. I would rather look comfortable and like my clothes fit me than trendy but look like awkward and uncomfortable.

What brand best suits you?