February Blog Challenge – Brand of clothing

Guess what?? I am getting a new washing machine. After the second service provider broke the machine Samsung relented and yesterday I received the information and can now go and exchange my machine.

I am torn though because when it works this machine is wonderful but the service from Samsung and their service providers was crap – so do I simply exchange machines or do I get a new brand. If I swap brands I probably won’t be able to get a 13kg without paying in a fair amount and we just don’t have the spare cash right now (or more people to drop from the wedding list :-p).

Game still have about a months worth of admin to do before I can get the new one so when they give me the green light I will look again properly.

What brand of washing machine do you have? How big is it?

Today’s challenge prompt is “name one brand of clothing that best describes your style”

There are two – Mr Price’s trail range you find at Mr Price Sport and Pick n Pay’s Chereokee range.

I couldn’t find a link to the range I am talking about from Mr Price but my Mr Price Sport has a section of it and it’s lots of casual florals and beiges and they fit me nicely.

PnP’s range also fit me properly – I can actually buy my size without trying it on and I know it will fit right.

Neither one of these brands are particularly glamorous but both fit my “style” which really is comfort above fashion. I would rather look comfortable and like my clothes fit me than trendy but look like awkward and uncomfortable.

What brand best suits you?


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    YAY for the washing machine. I think you need to get an LG – oh man, that machine was one of the best parts of the holiday. It’s the small things. We have a Defy (I’m a very loyal defy customer) that is about 9 – 10 years old and going strong. It has never even needed a fix, not once! The tumble drier is a cr&ppy make – I can’t even remember – and we’ve had it fixed once but we have had it for about 13 years. I’ve had my fridge for 15 years….. yes, i keep my stuff forever…. :) once the door fell off when I was on maternity leave but nothing mechanical in all these years.

    Now onto the clothes – I LOVE pick and pay for casual. I have lots of the cherokee too but really most things from there fit me so nicely. For work, it’s woolworths though and I still have suits from the old Smiley’s Warehouse (remember them from way back when?) and from Fashion World (cheap place in town) from when I worked there now 13 years ago. Those suits served me so well – I donated the skirts years ago but the jackets are still good.

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    Thank goodness the washing machine issue is being sorted out!
    I love Pick n Pay’s clothing range! Its their denim shorts and “vest” T-shirts that I live in!

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    I have an LG top loader and it has been going for more than 5 years without any problems.
    I buy clothes that aren’t really fashion items and classic. I don’t really lean towards a brands…I like buying items at Chinese shops. (Don’t tell anyone OK 😉

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    Yay for a new machine! You bloody deserve it after all the drama you’ve had with this one. I have a samsung too, just a 7kg top loader but it works just fine for us and has never given me a days trouble at all.

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    Glad you are going to get a new washing machine. Totally unacceptable that you had to struggle so long when it was basically still a new machine. I would change brands.

    Clothing! I love Poetry, but Mr Price Trial range really works for me as well :-)

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    Yay about the washing machine. I don’t have a specific brand that I like, when I was younger I was a Truworths chick but now that I’m bigger and a mom I wear whatever fits and hides the rolls;)

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    I also buy the Mr Price Trail range and Pick ‘n Pay. The PnP clothes especially seem to last for ever.

    Our machine is a Defy , we have never had any problems but it is small.

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    I love that my samsung sings at me, but hate that it doesn’t have a timer.
    My defy had a timer.
    I could leave for the day knowing that I got home from work only a couple of minutes after my machine stopped, and that my clothes had NOT been resting all damp and dingy in the machine for the day.
    Basically, I would buy anything with a timer… and something with a timer that sings would be ideal, however… when money comes into play … defy all the way.

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    I have an LG toploader that is a touch button and i love it. It beeps when it needs something and sings when it’s finished. Have had it for 2 years with no probs at all. And what i love is that it weighs the amt of washing you have in it, so it is water/elec conscious too.

    Brand of clothing – i buy wherever I see something that I like. I’m very much a jeans/t/cardi girl and also love leggings and long tops/dresses. My wardrobe is 80% woolies, but I do love Truworths and PnP too. I actually buy quite a lot of my tops/dresses from that place we went for brekkies – they have gorgeous stuff!

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    I stick to Pnp for basics, I can only wear Merien Hall jeans because nothing else fits properly and for work I LOVE LOVE LOVE Woollies. I would do ALL my shopping at Woollies if money wasn’t an issue.
    Yay for new washing machine. PLEASE don’t buy another Samsung!

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