This poem is up in the waiting area of Kiara’s visual therapists offices.

For those of us with kids with upside down worlds I know this resonates!


I know a very special child
whose world is upside down.
And often in his classroom
he wears a puzzled frown.
He’s criticized for tuning out,
accused of never trying.
He’s nagged and scolded, begged, cajoled;
most kids end up crying.
But often times he just gives up;
each task will mean defeat.
He sees a different symbol
and hears a different beat.
His NO is ON, for WAS its SAW,
and HOW surely must be WHO
and 6 plus 6 is 21, three 9’s are 72.
The problem’s labeled many things:
it matters not the name.
To please his parents, teachers, peers,
is the child’s secret aim.
Now that we know some ways to ho help,
let’s start today and then;
Through work and understanding love,
we’ll right his world again.

Author: Dee Shaffer, L.D. Teacher


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