Some of you may have seen on Facebook and twitter that we do not have a marriage officer. It took me 3 months to eventually get an appointment with one, he couldn’t make that appointment as he was in a bumper bashing on the way but came to our house a while later to see us. We booked him.

He mailed me earlier in January to say his family are moving to the US in March! BUT I mustn’t stress because X will do the ceremony. X then mails me to ask me to please move the time of my wedding as he has one on a little earlier than mine and since he wants to help can’t I just move the wedding time. (SURE BUDDY NO FREAKING PROBLEM). I decline his offer.

Last night we decide to get one of David’s friends to do the ceremony – he has done a few before and we actually did have him on our list to start with. So I mail X last night and ask if he can still come through and just do the legalities. Nope he can’t – guess why? GUESS?

He isn’t a licensed/qualified officer yet SO he can do the ceremony but not the paperwork BUT he works with Y who he copies in on the mail. OF COURSE Y can’t make it as he is already booked for that time. FANTASTIC!

So still no marriage officer and less than 3 months to go until the wedding.

Anyway – I may adopt Marcia’s word because I am trusting it to all work out.

Back to today’s topic – which 10 people would I have dinner with and what would the menu be. Just for the sake of numbers working out I am choosing 8 people – plus David and I will be 10 ;-p

First the people

1. Oprah – I have huge respect for her and would love to just chat to her.

2. Gareth Cliff – love or hate him I think he would make some interesting dinner conversation.

3. Drew Barrymore – just because she is my favourite actress.

4. Johnny Depp – my favourite actor.

5. Marcia – I would love to see the conversations she has with the likes of Gareth and Oprah :)

6. The Cake Boss – I don’t even know his name but there are loads of questions I would like to ask him and he seems fun :-p

7. The Queen Mother – the kids asked me the other day what her job is – I had no idea – so I would like to ask her.

8. Barack Obama – just because!

The menu – well I thought long and hard about this and I have no idea.

Maybe a sweet buffet? I think it would be fun to have everyone on a sugar high :))

Who would you like to have dinner with?