February Blog Challenge – 10 Dinner guests and the menu

Some of you may have seen on Facebook and twitter that we do not have a marriage officer. It took me 3 months to eventually get an appointment with one, he couldn’t make that appointment as he was in a bumper bashing on the way but came to our house a while later to see us. We booked him.

He mailed me earlier in January to say his family are moving to the US in March! BUT I mustn’t stress because X will do the ceremony. X then mails me to ask me to please move the time of my wedding as he has one on a little earlier than mine and since he wants to help can’t I just move the wedding time. (SURE BUDDY NO FREAKING PROBLEM). I decline his offer.

Last night we decide to get one of David’s friends to do the ceremony – he has done a few before and we actually did have him on our list to start with. So I mail X last night and ask if he can still come through and just do the legalities. Nope he can’t – guess why? GUESS?

He isn’t a licensed/qualified officer yet SO he can do the ceremony but not the paperwork BUT he works with Y who he copies in on the mail. OF COURSE Y can’t make it as he is already booked for that time. FANTASTIC!

So still no marriage officer and less than 3 months to go until the wedding.

Anyway – I may adopt Marcia’s word because I am trusting it to all work out.

Back to today’s topic – which 10 people would I have dinner with and what would the menu be. Just for the sake of numbers working out I am choosing 8 people – plus David and I will be 10 ;-p

First the people

1. Oprah – I have huge respect for her and would love to just chat to her.

2. Gareth Cliff – love or hate him I think he would make some interesting dinner conversation.

3. Drew Barrymore – just because she is my favourite actress.

4. Johnny Depp – my favourite actor.

5. Marcia – I would love to see the conversations she has with the likes of Gareth and Oprah :)

6. The Cake Boss – I don’t even know his name but there are loads of questions I would like to ask him and he seems fun :-p

7. The Queen Mother – the kids asked me the other day what her job is – I had no idea – so I would like to ask her.

8. Barack Obama – just because!

The menu – well I thought long and hard about this and I have no idea.

Maybe a sweet buffet? I think it would be fun to have everyone on a sugar high :))

Who would you like to have dinner with?


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    When we got married I really wanted my brother to do the service. His plan was to register as a marriage officer, but it was too expensive. We ended up signing the paper work for the marriage at our home on the Wednesday (we got a priest out of the yellow pages). Our parents joined us for that, and then on the Saturday we had the wedding with the ceremony. Out of the entire wedding party one person came and asked us why we didn’t sign anything on the wedding day, nobody else noticed. And now we celebrate 2 wedding anniversaries.

    For our child’s dedication we got Jaco from Your wedding guy. He was very good and he does weddings as well, but I don’t know where you are situated.

    As a dinner guest I always said I would like to invite Zelda le Grange (she used to be Mandela’s assistant). I think she would have the most interesting stories to tell, and she seems like a very nice person.

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    Oy – Sorry about the marriage officer drama. I’ll speak with my friend today and see if he’s available.

    As for the dinner guests, I think I may just blog my own list… Hell, maybe I’ll even pick up the whole blog challenge and backdate the first week’s posts.
    No promises, though. I’m waaay too much of a flake.

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    Love your list!

    good luck with the marriage officer. We used a fantastic woman in PE, her name is Mallory Kretzmann from the Association of Creative Thought – maybe she knows somebody from a similar organisation up there?

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    Oh I would love Oprah too! SHe is just such an interesting person – and love your comment about Marcia.LOL! The AArchibishop Desmund Tutu – really I would love to listen to him for ages. Add Jonathan Janssen – the two will be great to listen to. Sam Cowen – love the girl. Will have to think about the rest.

    AS to the marriage officer – the venue has no one they know of?

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    Oh, I am TICKLED pink!

    Thank you for making me laugh out loud in this office :) And yes, I would love to chin wag with Oprah especially (and Dr Phil). *ahem* Dr Phil is an ESTJ like me; Oprah is an ENFJ like my boss…..hmmmm

    Interestingly enough, I can marry people BUT I also don’t have the legal stuff sorted – I have to write an exam which I’ve been putting off for sweet forever.

    I hope and TRUST that this will get sorted soon so you can breathe easy!

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    My Dad married us (and my sister in December) and he does the legal stuff too. He’s a licenced marriage officer with ALL the paperwork. You’d have to fly him in though which would cost you a pretty penny! Am sure it will all come together soon enough. LOL…I am laughing at Marcia and Gareth. That would be soooo much fun to watch. I would invite all the eccentric types, or rather people who I perceive to be eccentric – Jack White, Johnny Depp, Mika. Also, JZ. And obviously Trevor Noah to rip JZ off. Probably Gareth Cliff too.

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    Hope your have sorted out the wedding stuff, yes trust that all will work together for your good eventually. I would never have thought it would be difficult to find a wedding officer in this province of ours….

    Hmmmmm, famous people aside, I would love to have dinner with my paternal grandmum – I was under 5 when she passed away and I never really knew her, my mum swears she was the best MIL anyone could ever ask for.

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