February Blog Challenge – me and my best friend

It is just after 8 and I am in bed already! I spent the day baking and driving kids around! I am finished.

I ignored this challenge for most of the day because I don’t have a BFF as such and I don’t actually have any recent photos of me with friends.

But then I decided that since David really is probably my neatest friend I would share a photo of us :)

This was taken in East London so is the most recent one of us :)


How was your Thursday?


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    That IS a lovely pic. Got this BEAUTIFUL wedding invite in the mail today and it TOTALLY made my Thursday which was otherwise dull and dreary.

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    Good grief. This has been on my mind and heart a lot lately – the fact that so many wives and mom’s don’t have friends, as such. I was chatting to my cousins about it over Christmas and one out of 4 of us has actual close friends…. the rest of us have acquaintances coz our Besties have all moved to other countries/ towns. Not awesome.

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