Jack went to sleep over at his gran’s last night. Usually I am a little hesitant to let him go – mainly because we miss him but I was probably happier than I should have been when he was collected yesterday morning.

He really isn’t a difficult baby and tags along where ever I drag him without complaint. As long as he has his bottle he is happy. But it is still tiring in the afternoon especially when we have extra muruals on. And I have a party on tomorrow that needs food and it is David’s 30th so there have been lots of little things I needed to do.

And I am tired. For the first time in months and months I had a nap with him on Wednesday. I was exhausted. I still feel like I am chugging along in first gear unable to get to 2 gear never mind 3rd or 4th.

Hoping the down time with friends on Saturday afternoon helps to rejuvinate me a little :)

So what’s in my handbag?

Well not lots I am afraid.

David bought me this bag a while ago and I LOVE it. I love that I have both hands free, especially when I am in and out of shops with Jack.


I hate clutter in bags, I really don’t see the point of a million things in there. So all I have is this little bag that Shayne gave me with hair bands, clips, women things and cream inside and then my wallet.


That really is it. Usually after the weekend it has an array of random kids crap in it though!

What’s in your bag?