February Blog Challenge – the meaning behind the blog name

I think it’s pretty easy to figure out the meaning behind my blog name :)

When I started blogging I was a single mom living with my folks still fighting the good fight with my ex while battling my own internal demons.

Most of the time I felt pretty harassed – by my kids, by my ex, by my parents, by myself.

And that’s how harassedmom was born :)

Even though different things now harass me most days I still do feel very harassed :)

I can not begin to explain how this school year has affected me – I sound like a whiny whingy child but it really has knocked me and I am yet to find my mojo – so feeling VERY harassed right now!

I am hoping that the added pressure of the wedding planning is the cause of this and once that is done and sorted it will get easier :)


  1. says

    I kind of suspected that was the reason behind your blog name :-)

    There is always something to harass us, guess the trick is to keep one’s head above water as much as possible. Hope the wedding planning is going as planned

    Have a nice weekend

  2. says

    I’m amazed at how much homework there is in Grade 2 – we spent almost an hour on it every day – and my child get’s through things quickly!

    I still remember when i first started reading you and you posted a pic that had been in a magazine article i think !

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