February Blog Challenge – a movie that made you cry

This morning I went to go an apply for my drivers license and my passport (did I mention I am so not excited about this at all :-p) and was expecting it to be an all morning thing. I even tided up this morning, packed bags before I left etc.

Well I got to Centurion Licensing Dept just after 8 and was out of there before 9h30. I then went to the Centurion Home Affairs office and by 10h40 I was in my car. I was super impressed with both places. They were both so efficient – not so much friendly but efficient :)

Then I popped into the Post Office for stamps for the rest of the wedding invites and there was not a soul in there – so I was in and out in 5 minutes.

Such a WIN morning.

There is a part of me that wants to have my say on the Pistorius case but a bigger part that just feels it is such a huge waste of 2 lives and there really is nothing more to say about it than that!

I don’t have a lot of time now – I decided since I have a little time free now I would go and set up my gift registry’s at Le Creuset and Mr Price Home.

Today’s challenge was a movie that made you cry. Lots of movies make me cry – I cry during adverts for heavens sake. I am useless like that.

Anyway two movies that made me cry a very real, I get it cry were A Dead Poets Society and Benny and Joon.

Both remain deeply moving and meaningful movies for me each time I watch them!!!

What movies have made you cry?


  1. says

    The notebook made me cry (well, SOB!) and My Girl….

    I’m very curious about your gift registry (if you want to share) only because I would be so stumped if I had to get married now because I’m such a minimalist….

  2. says

    Dead Poets Society is the one that does it for me – every time. Although thankfully not as much as the first time I watched it. I was bawling my eyes out for over 2 hours.

  3. Melinda says

    The Green Mile….I sobbed like a baby…even now, I start crying in the beginning because I know what is going to happen

  4. says

    I would do better to tell you a movie I did NOT cry in. But if I had to say the two movies that I cry the most in (can’t choose between the two). Phenomenon….have probably watched it about 10 times, and I start crying with the opening credits. And ‘A Beautiful Life’….that movie for me is the definition of what love is. Also cried a lot the first time I saw it, but the second time I was eventually sitting on the floor (at home) just sobbing and sobbing.

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