February Blog Challenge – my dream bedroom

I have skipped two days of this challenge – weekend blogging and me are not friends and I just never had time to pre-post so I am letting it go :)

My dream bedroom would be BIG – big big big big with just a bed, bedside tables, a one seater couch/chair and a walk in cupboard and en suit bathroom with a free standing bath.

These pictures are the spaces I like the most :)




What would your dream room look like?


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    Ah, yes, now a walk in closet is something I could do with!

    Love the rooms you have chosen – they speak to me. Love the white white white!

    I love my room, it is spacious and also very white (linen etc) but we have a yellowwood 4 poster bed that I hate.

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    I used to think I wanted a big closet but I know myself – it would just get filled up. Since I forced myself to stay within my one wardrobe (I used to use my master bedroom and the 2nd bedroom before we moved into this house – HEY, that’s 7 years of living simplified), I find I’m much more intentional./

    So what does my dream bedroom look like – lovely neutrals – I have the BEST shade of green on my wall – seriously, I’m in love with my wall…. a reading bench with window overlooking something nice and peaceful.

    Two chairs next to the bed with a little table – for conversation or reading :)

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