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Today’s challenge was my favourite childhood book – this was a hard one. I couldn’t decide between Amelia Jane, the Magic Faraway Tree or Hinkum and Pinkum.

In the end it was the little tooth mice of Hinkum and Pinkum that won. I loved that book and am so terribly sad that I can not find a copy of it. The illustrations were beautiful – Kiara would have loved it!!!!

What was your favourite childhood book? Do you know Amelia Jane by Enid Blyton? There is a little girl in my Moms and Tots class who looks JUST like her!


I am turning tastes on tuesday around today – I am looking for chicken recipes – quick and easy ones. We eat a lot of chicken and it really isn’t the most flavoursome of meats so I battle a bit to find new and tasty ideas. Nothing with dairy in please :) Gluten I can still work around – dairy not so much :)

Today I had a group of ladies come in to clean the walls, doors and windows because I don’t want to clean them. It is time consuming and I just do not have energy for it. So they will come in once a month to do it for me. I just want to check a few things with you guys (Marcia I am hoping to get a free clean by moaning :-p).

They charge per hour and the manager said it should take them 90 minutes but they were no where near being done after an hour so we agreed to make it two hours – I am fine with that – but towards the end the lady in charge was rushing them and eventually I actually said to her just do x,y,z and the rest you can do next time because I would rather have 80% of the rooms done correctly, than it all done but only 50%.

Then when I went upstairs with her to check I was happy with it – they hadn’t put back the pictures they had taken off the wall, all the stuff in the bathroom they had moved away from the wall was still there, Kiara’s blind had been pushed to the middle and not straightened out again.

AND they managed to break my on bedroom door cupboard AND a blind in the passage. Now the blind I will concede wasn’t hung up 100% so we don’t touch it but she pulled the whole nail out the wall? The cupboard door I am a little tense about because I use it every day and it has never felt loose at all :-/

I am happy with what they did do and the house feels a lot better but they didn’t get to the lounge, craft room or laundry.

Would you mention it to the manager? Am I being unreasonable in expecting them to put back the things they have removed/moved? Would you extend the time to 2.5hours so that everything can be done?

In closing I have to say that potty training is kicking my ass!!!! He takes off the nappy all the time, sits on the potty, closes the lid and then wees next to it!!! I open all the doors now and tell him to wee outside – he runs outside but comes back in to wee.

I started bottle bootcamp with him today to try and reduce the amount of liquid he is drinking. Yesterday at nap time he had 3 bottles – thats like 750ml of liquid in 40minutes. So far it is going ok. He did throw the cup across the lounge once or twice – I ignored him and he did eventually drink it – but one lasted him the whole morning. He still had the bottle at nap time and hardly finished it – so hopefully once that is under control a bit he won’t need to wee all the time.


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    I LOVED Amelia Jane. But I REALLY loved the Magic Faraway Tree, and whaddoyaknow… Topsy Turvy Land really does exist! In my house!

    Re chicken recipes – have a look at my post for today, but just use real chicken.

    My sister had a helluva time with her daughter regarding potty training, and then one day… perfect! Literally over night. She had tried cojolling, bribing, threatening, you name it and the baby girl still peed on the floor next to the potty … until she decided the time was right. Stubborn little thing.

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    I used domestic services for a few months after my domestic of 14 years died of cancer. In that time they were always under supervision, but a cell phone and a number of my costume jewelry and clothing disappeared. In the end I just gave up and employed another domestic. If you pay for service you have the right to complain.

    Potty training is so far in my past that I can’t comment anymore.


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    I would pay for 2.5 hours! I’m about not extending the “pain” of having other people in my house and then you have to get mentally ready again and have the schlep again…. no thanks. Just do it the one time!

    I actually have a lovely chicken curry to try but it has coconut milk.

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    I would be upset in someone came to clean and ended up breaking my things in the process. I’d definitely speak to the manager about it and see if they will either repair or pay for the repairs.

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    I would be upset if they did not put stuff back and broke stuff. Also, did they not quote you before hand and give you an estimated time that they would require to finish the necessary rooms? Surely though should have some sort of idea of how long they would take??

    The Naughty Amelia Jane – I am busy reading that book to Little OL at hte moment. My mom kept mine from when I was little.

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    Yes, I would complain. Definately. They took far longer than you expected and the results were not one would expect after a ‘cleaning’ service had been employed.

    No comment on potty training!

    And loved Amelia Jane, reading it to Polly at the moment!

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