I am joining up with Crazy Adventures again today  for some happiness.

Happiness is…..

  • Getting the toddler to fall asleep with only one bottle, even when he asks for another one.
  • Watching as your fiance finishes the longest race he has ever raced :)
  • Seeing the comment “she is coping” written by one of Kiara’s teachers. I ignored the “for now” and focused on the positive.
  • Scratching through the memory box to help give Kiara a few items from my past for a project.
  • Buying birdcages for the wedding – I walk past them every day and it makes me smile.
  • Measuring myself this morning for the first time since the end of August when I ordered my wedding dress and realising I have lost a total of 13cm.
  • The sound of the Kreepy and the sight of a blue pool. I have spent many hours on this pool over the last few weeks to get to this point!
  • Emails with links to free PL downloads that make me want to cry at their prettiness!!! (Does stationary move anyone else like this?)
  • Peanut butter straight from the bottle.
  • Clean walls.

What is making you happy today?