I commented on Marcia’s post the other day that my kids rarely get sick and just like that both big kids were sick – both with a tummy bug. Cameron responded to the meds but Kiara has been sleeping for 2 days. I took her to the doctor this morning who said there wasn’t much else to do. He said she should start feeling better later today. She has a term maths test tomorrow but hasn’t been able to hold her head up since Tuesday evening so isn’t prepared. We do have a doctors note for tomorrow so not really sure if I should just keep her home.

I had some photos printed this morning for a small scrap booking project I want to do – I am very excited to get them this afternoon. The PL stuff I got yesterday is going to work so well with it and I am itching to start being more creative.

I was going through old pictures from last year and it really is such a fun thing to do – you remember things you did, places you visited and also you can see how big the kids have gotten!!

Just look at baby Jack :)


Back to today’s prompt. I don’t generally like doing these “favourite” type posts – it’s a little high school and every one of the 100 plus blogs in my reader add something different.

So instead of favourites here is a list of blogs I enjoy and think will make valuable additions to your reader.

Dysfunction Junction is a new addition for me and I really enjoy her sense of humour :) Her post on date night with kids was hysterical!

Hostess with the Mostess isn’t really a blog you can comment much on but it has the best party ideas!!

A Bowl Full of Lemons is my favourite organising blog.

I am actually not going to do 5 – I really can’t choose another one :)

How is your Thursday going?