Last week was a bit of a non-week for me. Kiara was at home from Wednesday and couldn’t move. She slept for 2 days solid and was loads better by Friday but still weak and lethargic so I was pretty pre-occupied with that and on Friday I got distracted by my little scrap booking project I am doing. As a result I am now behind on the Feb challenge so this post is a quick catch up.

Day 22 – Dream wedding? I will post pics on the 4 May :-p

Day 23 – 5 twitter peeps I would like to meet – mmmm this is a bit tricky since I have met so many of the people I follow and I have formed stronger friendship ties with my bloggers than twitterers. But for the sake of the challenge here is a list….


Tania R


I know all of these 3 are bloggers but they are also on twitter so they do count!

Cazpi – I like how totally down to earth she is!

RBJacobs – yes the FNB guy who I give such a hard time on twitter. I would like to meet him, he has a crap job and annoys the hell out of me but he seems to do a pretty good job of handling their twitter account – LOADS better than any of the other companies I have had to deal with.

Day 24 – Would you change anything about yourself physically? Yes my ugly scars on my thigh and my tummy :-p

Hope you are all having a super weekend :)