Woolworths Mom Tour and a bit of a ramble

If we had to choose a word for this week it would be traffic!

David sat in 4 hours worth of traffic on Monday (2.5 there and 1.5 back) and normally it’s a 80 minute round trip. Yesterday wasn’t much better.

Then this morning we leave at the same time – he is going to work in Broadacres and I am going 10 km to drop the kids at school! Well he gets to the Lion Park BEFORE I get to school!!!!!!! Took us 40 minutes to travel 10 km!!!! Which meant I was late getting home, so late for moms and tots and already felt rather frazzled by 8h30 when I got there.

My twitter stream was full of people stuck all over the place – being stuck in traffic is really such a huge big fat waste of time for me.

David and I launched a bit of an assault on wedding guests yesterday and managed to get a fair amount of RSVP’s or at least responses to our emails!  I still have 19 outstanding replies but at least 4 of them have replied to mails and are trying to co-ordinate flights and what-not. So it’s moving along now :)

The teacher I need to see is very busy so can only see me on Monday – will let you all know how it goes.

I am going to Hobby-X on Friday and CAN NOT WAIT! For the last 3 years I have missed it and when I saw the posters up last week I booked David’s mom to watch Jack and so am heading off on Friday!!!!

I think I did mention I was on the Santa Shoebox Committee now? Well our little conference is happening on Saturday – there is A LOT that goes on behind the scenes to get things to run as smoothly as they do but I am enjoying it all!!

I received the below from Woolworths earlier this week and am rather excited that I actually get to make it.

It is an open invitation so if you are in the Pretoria area and can make it then come join us :)


March 2013

This year Woolworths continues its popular dietician-led Mom’s Store Tours to give parents the opportunity to learn more about good food options, balanced lunch boxes and smart snacking ideas.


The next tour will take place at Woolworths Menlyn Park Shopping Centre in Pretoria on Wednesday 20 March at 19h00 and will specifically focus on “Balanced Lunchboxes”, providing nutritional advice for parents of school-going children.


Mom’s Store Tours are part of the Woolworths Making the Difference Educational Programme for primary schools, which has been helping teachers and parents teach Grade 4 learners in some 2000 schools about nutrition, healthy living and caring for the environment. The programme was established over nine years ago. As part of Woolworths Good Business Journey, it is helping address a range of challenges that South African children experience, from increasing obesity in certain groups to persistent under nutrition in others.


A typical tour starts with a short session on the food groups, taking participants through how much of each should be included in a balanced meal and the role each food group plays in the body. This is followed by an hour-long store tour. . Food labelling is also explained, assisting parents in making informed choices. The tour rounds off with a Q&A session and tastings. Recipes are also made available.


Currently the tours cover three topics: “Balanced Lunchboxes”, “Quick & Easy Meals for the Whole Family” and “Brainfood for Exams”, and will take place at different Woolworths stores around the country during the year. Tours are open to customers, parents of learners from participating schools, as well as the general public.


“We need to address the importance of nutrition for learners and find creative solutions to take the stress out of packing lunchboxes, while at the same time providing a varied and balanced lunch box,” explains the Woolworths Educational Programmes Manager, Pieter Twine. “By hosting these Mom’s Store Tours we try and give  busy parents  a ‘quick and easy guide’ to satisfying her child’s nutritional needs,” concludes Twine.


Says Woolworths Dietitian Cindy Chin, “Parents often ask me to suggest content for school lunchboxes. With these tours we will try and provide useful guidelines to help them put together balanced lunchboxes and understand the nutritional information provided on labels. We also encourage participants to ask as many questions as possible during the store tour, so we can assist with those on the spot.”


For more information or to book your place on a Woolworths Mom’s Store Tour near you, contactamandamhluzi@woolworths.co.za





  1. says

    This is very cool, this tour of Woolworths. Have never heard of something like this but I applaud them for going the lengths in ensuring that we as parents teach the right eating ways to our children.
    Glad you two got responses from the wedding attendees.
    I hope you get some clear answers from that teacher on Monday.

  2. Melinda says

    I work 7 kms from home…and some days it can take close to an hour, one way…

    Good luck with the rest of your RSVP’s

  3. deborah says

    being stuck in traffice like that would drive me batty! dont know how ppl survive traffic in dbn isnt as crazy (although our taxis are a whole other issue!) although traffic on a friday always seems to be a headache the other day a trip that should take 20 minutes took me over an hour which was very frustrating!
    hope you get all your answers from the teacher next week i also have our meeting with the teacher and not sure if im looking forward to it last year my daughter did ot but i saw the improvement so didnt send her back this year she said the teacher asked her about the ot teacher she had been with

  4. says

    I hate traffic too! I left work at 4 yesterday and got home just before 6, just because there was a little storm ALL the traffic lights down Malibongwe were out. By the time I eventually got home my toes were dead from riding the clutch. Anyhoo……I’ll definitely be there on the 4th (just in case I am one of those that haven’t rsvp’d yet) :)

  5. says

    When I read about traffic I am glad we live in this little backwater called Port Elizabeth….but then again I wish I was there to attend Hobby x.

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