Joburg Blogger Get Together

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We have a date and a possible venue for our blogger meet up!

Two different restaurants approached me, both are great venues but I need a little input;

Venue A – conveniently located but has no designated play area for kids.
Venue B – little bit out of the way but they have a large outside garden area, there are no jungle gyms but the children will be able to run around.

I am leaning to Venue B because I don’t want to exclude people who don’t have anywhere for kids to go for the morning. What are your thoughts!

Also PLEASE can you all share the event so we can get as many bloggers/tweeters/instagramers to attend as possible.

The FB event link is here. I have invited the people I am friends with but have left it open so you can invite people. PLEASE spread the word for me.

Also if you are a brand and want to get involved with the event please email me


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