While the children are away…..

I think I mentioned David was in Nigeria last week, he was away for 4 nights. I don’t enjoy him being away but the kids and I sort of break the rules a little when he is away. I make quick easy dinners that generally involve oven baked chips, we are all in bed by 19h00, I hang around in my pjs for most of the day. We make the most of it but this trip was probably the worst one for me.

For the most part we have settled into being a family of 6. Going out together is still a challenge but we are doing well, I think. BUT we are doing well as a family of 6 – NOT a family of 5. Handling 4 kids on my own was not fun at all. By Sunday when David got home I was so very glad to hand Emma over, not because she had been difficult but because I was the only one holding her, feeding her, carrying her, soothing her for almost 5 days – it was exhausting.

David’s mom was going to take the older 3 kids for me on Friday but then was invited away for the weekend so she took them all yesterday for a sleep over and bought her domestic to clean the house for me. It really was like Christmas in March! It was just the break I needed.

My friend Suzanne came round for coffee after they all left, we chatted over coffee – it was so great to talk about nothing in particular with a grown up person. Then Emma and I went to sign her up for Club V so I can start gym again. David and I were able to have a proper adult conversation over dinner and a glass of wine. Seriously I can’t tell you the last time we were able to talk (not whisper) uninterrupted.

Today has been just as good. I went to my first yoga class in 4 months! I managed to catch up on some admin, finish off some articles I am busy with, get some new ones started, update the calendars with kids exams, dance competitions, holidays and what not. Because the house was clean, my domestic who comes today could clean the cupboards and walls and other things she doesn’t get too. I ordered part of Kiara’s birthday present, got her invitations designed and her party plans organised.

I feel a million times more in control now than I did a week ago. While it wasn’t quite 100% kid-free time it was just the re-charge I needed!

What is everyone up to? Are you feeling in control?


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    I am semi in control. Working on a few things and tossing stuff out of the house like mad.

    THIS is why I love yoga so much. It quietens the mind and you really do leave there feeling like you’ve had four hours of sleep.
    You are inspiring me to go back to yoga. Permanently!

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