I am waiting for the high carb high fat diet!

There is so much contradictory and controversial information regarding diets out there at the moment – low carb, no carb, high fat, low fat, no meat, only meat. Each group has a very solid argument for their choice which make it all a little more confusing.

This morning after yoga we had a chat about diets. One of the ladies follows a very “minimalist” diet – I am sure there is a proper word for it but basically she is vegan with her main source of protein seeds and green veg. They have no meat, no carbs, no dairy and certain fruits. She had some very valid reasons for why they have chosen to eliminate all processed food. A lot of it made sense to me and in an ideal world I would love for us to be more organic and limit the red meat we eat but like Julia mentioned in her post, it is not cheap to be healthy. So for now we try as much as we can to limit what we consider bad foods.

I am not a huge fan of diets that cut out entire food groups, possibly because I love my carbs too much but also I do believe in balance. I have always been a fan of Weigh-Less because it has always been the easiest to incorporate into my lifestyle. As you know I am gluten and lactose free. It is now a way of life for me and I no longer miss it at all. I am a firm believer than gluten is evil. I have met so many people who have seen positive changes in their body when they have cut gluten out. The problem, in my opinion, is not so much the flour but what we have added to that flour over the years. I suspect if I was to grow wheat in my back yard using no chemical products that I could make the bread and no react but the flour we buy and use is far away from pure or actual wheat – despite what brands like to tell us. The same applies to milk – I really don’t think the milk we buy is anywhere near what actually comes out of the cow!

What the sudden popularity in Paleo and Tim Nokes has done is made people more aware of reading labels and what goes into the food they eat which I think is a positive because regardless of what diet you follow we all need to be more aware of what is going into our food!

I am currently trying to figure out what works best for me and ultimately my family. I know, for me, sugar is evil. Once I cut that out of my diet I start loosing weight nicely. It is also my weakness, more so than carbs so cutting it out is very difficult for me but I can feel the difference when I do it.

So I am curious – what is working for you? Paleo? lchf? Weigh-less? Or something else? Why did you choose to go with the choice you have made?


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    I must admit that despite being a fervent believer in Herbalife meals supplements for years I have steadily been gaining weight. After I broke my knee last year I gained WAY too much and even after it healed it didn’t want to go away. Now I take Herbalife every day anyway. It is my breakfast and I love it because it is full of nutrition, but I never really used it to “diet” before because I hate dieting. I had a good chat to my brother the other day though and suddenly “dieting” kind of started to make sense to me. He taught me about the power of good proteins and why it is so necessary to get enough protein in your diet. Now I have kind of just made a couple of uncomplicated tweaks to my diet and I must say I am really feeling a huge difference. I certainly don’t feel constantly hungry and it fits perfectly into our lifestyle because we already use Herbalife for our health. Now I am using it to help me re-shape a little and regain my energy. Strangely now that I am getting enough protein in I am not missing sweets too much. I am a huge fan of eating rubbish but I haven’t felt desperate for giant piles of junk food at all. I’m pretty impressed really. I guess my body needed just a little bit “more” and the more made all of the difference. I doubt I will ever be stick thin and I don’t really care about that, but I do like that my energy levels are up and my cravings seem to be under control. And all without costing a fortune. It’s been pretty awesome really.

  2. Ankia says

    Like you say, balance is key. Only thing I’ve completely cut out since I started Curves complete is margarine. I eat everything, even sugar as a treat sometimes, but everything in moderation (except fresh veggies, that I go mad with) and variety.

    And it’s working :)

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    I’m glad you’re trying to find something that works for you. I have a dairy allergy, so use goats milk. I follow a diet I formulated myself. I consume all food groups. From carbs to protein and fats. Every single food group but calcium through other means due to allergy.

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    Not sure if you know but we have been following LCHF since Jan. I have lost 9kg and D 6. We are both feeling a lot healthier, and have more energy. We eat a lot of eggs, cheese, protein, and yes, fat. It is a low carb, not no carb, so we do have carbs found in veg and the occasional wrap. I do not miss bread, pasta etc (or it’s side effects) at all. Dean also. I have also cut out sugar and now use Xylitol in my one cup of tea a day. I am amazed at the difference in my body and energy levels. We are fortunate in that we do get milk litterally straight out of the cow – so it is fresh and free of additives and hasn’t been pasturised, which I am sure kills the good bacteria. We make our own butter, cottage cheese and yoghurt, and also have free range mutton, which is grass fed and also free of hormones. I guess this is one of the upsides of living on a farm – access to real food minus the crap.

    Even my teenager is happy on LCHF – and that is saying something!

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    I’m also waiting for high carbs 😉 I would thrive!

    I don’t like cutting out anything, like you… I keep teaching the kids about the food pyramid from the WHO. And when I eat in proportion as we’re meant to, it works for me.

    However my downfall is carbs… big time… for comfort eating especially so in May I expect to lose this weight pronto and keep it off :)

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    As you know, I’ve been following LCHF for the past 3 months after I was inspired by my BFF. She was rejected as a Kidney donor for her sister because of her BMI, BP, Cholesterol & fatty liver. She tried Weigh Less & was still rejected as a donor, even after losing 12kg’s. Then she switched to LCHF and shed 22kg’s in a matter of months. In addition, her cholesterol and BP normalized and the fatty deposits on her liver vanished.
    I think the NB thing to realize with LCHF is that is is NOT a high protein diet, it’s a diet low in carbs & high in good fat. You’re encouraged to eat only grass fed, free range meats, butters and dairy products. I’ve been on it for just over 3 months now and aside from the 14kg’s I’ve lost & my husband has lost 20kgs, we’ve both seen tremendous improvements in our overall health.
    You can read Walter’s success story here: http://getslim.co.za/fat2fab-3-months-in/
    And you can read my success story here: http://getslim.co.za/sharon-my-lchf-on-going-success-story/

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    I have so much to say about all of this but I will try and limit myself. We have cut out grains (ALL grains) but not carbs (we eat potatoes and butternut etc), I have also cut out dairy. Although this is fueled by my need to clear my skin I have lost all of my unnecessary fat, my stomach is functioning better than ever and I just feel so much better about it all.
    I shudder at what they put into processed goods now and cringe that I put my body through that for so many years.

  8. MeeA says

    I’m still struggling hard with getting completely gluten free. Most of the time, I’m really good but there are times when the only appetising things available contain wheat/gluten and I cave. I have eaten cake – normal, wheat flour cake – 3 times in the last month. And normal bread once. Other than that, I’ve managed to keep to gluten free. It’s a pain, though. I miss bread. And eating the foods that keep me feeling healthy is expensive – I do best on fish and fresh veggies but, more often than not, have to settle for chicken, beef and frozen veggies.
    I have definitely noticed a change in my family’s overall wellbeing since we’ve started cutting out the more processed foods and we’re eating much more simply. Fewer carbs, healthier carbs (sweet potato instead of normal potato, etc.) and less sugar. Although this is my downfall, too. I can’t be without sweets…

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    As u know last year I list 21kgs following the dr Cohen eating plan which was tailored for my body. It balanced all food groups to my blood results and it worked for me. I believe balance is key. So everything in moderation.


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    I have been weigh lessing all the years and I STILL follow those principals – I love that it’s still in me to monitor my portion sizes etc. Currently I am closest to Cindy in terms of what I do – I do believe that we’re all different so it’s trial and error for me still. I am going to blog early next week about what we do and why. My biggest culprit = sugar and carbs.

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