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We had a really good first 5 weeks with Emma. She fed, slept and didn’t fuss much at all. Then the wheels kinda came off and the last 3 weeks have been challenging.

Currently we are still battling thrush and a bit of reflux – neither one are the obvious cause of the cramps she is also having so really not sure where they are from. Paed says they aren’t likely from the formula. So I am not getting much done in the day except basic tidying and the washing. It is also a little worse because we had such a good 5 weeks and now I have to get used to her fussing a lot more.

Anyway it will pass, for now I have become super efficient and you will be amazed what I can get done in the 15-20 minutes she is happy to sit in her chair for. I just can’t, unfortunately, write in those short bursts.

Our weekends have been very quiet but we start getting busier from this weekend.

It is Kiara’s party on Saturday and I am having a small get together for my party on Sunday – we will be here if you want to join in.

Next weekend we are away and on the Monday Kiara and I are attending the Nissan Easter Festival event. Entrance is free so if you, or your kids loves animals then join us, its going to be fun.

Then the kids are on holiday again for a week. Fortunately David will be home too on the public holidays which makes it a little easier – our house gets VERY tiny when all of us are at home for an extended period.

Cameron has exams in May, Kiara has her dance competition week, we have the bloggers meet up, David is away for a few weekends, fortunately just local travel, soccer started last weekend so Saturday mornings are spent there, fortunately they are 40 minutes so is a lot quicker than cricket.

It’s go go go for us at the moment.

Jack and I are still butting heads but I seem to be making head way – bath times are less of a fight (not no fight but less). He has started saying “I sorry mom” when I moan at him but doesn’t change his behaviour or do what I ask. So I think he has just picked it up somewhere. But there is already a difference in his behavior.

I have steered clear of commenting on the Oscar thing but his testimony now is annoying the crap out me. I find him totally insincere and there are so many holes in his story. I can’t listen to the radio where he cries – I want to smack him. What are your thoughts on this?


  1. says

    You sound like a normal growing little family to me.

    I think I may be the only person in the world who doesn’t believe he meant to kill Reeva.

  2. says

    How cool that you get to go away??? Right now I am trying to rework a few things in terms of routine, homework, house chores etc.
    I haven’t followed OP too much but everyone is talking about it. I firmly believe that he’s in the situation that he’s in because he has NEVER needed to take responsibility for his actions. His friends take responsibility for him as do his publicists and agents and his family etc. Seriously. Who shoots through a sun roof and in a restaurant and actually gets away with it?? That’s why he STILL can’t take responsibility – I think he has no idea how to do this very adult thing. I am hoping that Gerrie Nel (I like him!) finishes up quickly because Shrien Dewani is already in CT already!

  3. MeeA says

    LOL! I spent the day driving my mom & gran to Klerksdorp to visit my cousin’s grave today, as it marks a year since she was killed in a car accident.
    Obviously, we chatted in the car and my gran said the exact same thing about Oscar and listening to him crying and how she wanted to smack him! Clearly, he’s not doing a great job of convincing anyone of his case… Personally, I don’t follow the story. I just think the world could do with a little less horror and tragedy.

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