Things I know about Jack

Jack was 24 weeks on Monday – so 6 months in weeks ๐Ÿ™‚

So a few things about Mr Jack

  • He is getting up on all 4s and is rocking. My Moms and Babes teacher reckons he will crawl soon.
  • He is still not sleeping through – he wakes almost exactly every hour from about 22h00 to around 3/4 and then sleeps soundly.
  • He is eating solids and loving it – he has all 3 meals and prefers his veggies.


  • He loves his siblings and they are both guarenteed a smile every time they look at him.
  • His wriggling around resulted in the Christmas tree falling on his head. He wasn’t too impressed.
  • He loves his little Tigger taglet thingy and needs it to fall asleep.


  • He has a temper of note.
  • He laughs from his belly that he actually looses his breath momentarily.
  • He loves water – the bath, the hose pipe – whatever.
  • He has a nice daily routine with 2 long naps which make the afternoons a lot easier.
  • He talks all day long – it is tooo cute.

What do you know this week?

Things I know about cloth nappies

I have wanted to do this post for ages now because every time I tell people I use cloth nappies they recoil in horror and ask “HOW do you cope”

So a few things I know about cloth nappies ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I pop them into a dedicated bucket – we don’t smell them or see them.
  • The liners make disposing of poop easy – we simply flick it off in the loo.
  • We soak them and then throw them in the washing machine – that simple – no washing by hand over a wash board.
  • They do not leak. I have had more leaking issues from disposables.
  • They are cost effective – our pack cost just over R3000 and should last us until he potty trains – I may just need some more waterproofs – so add maybe R300.
  • I don’t have to worry about running out or making sure we have enough – they are always just there.
  • They look cute – there is no folding or safety pins.
  • I have two issues – the fact that if we go out it’s not that easy to keep a poop nappy in your nappy bag – even in a scented nappy bag – so we use disposables
  • The second issue is the velcro on the waterproofs – I would prefer poppers but the velcro works fine.


To check out more information there are a few local sites that supply them – Earth Babies (which we will be stocking in our shop), Mother Nature and DoodleBums.

What do you know today?

Things I know – My edition


I was awarded TWICE by Cupcake Mummy and To Love Bella and I do so love me an award ๐Ÿ™‚

I am going to combine it with my Things I know post!

So a few things I know for sure

  • I know when you give in, accept you can’t change anything right now and trust that your god/universe/whoever will sort it out – it will work out perfectly.
  • I know going costume shopping makes me want to vomit.
  • I know we, as a family, need a break – a proper break where we can all just relax.
  • I know I get great joy when I see my veggies pop through the soil.
  • I know I stress too much about things I really shouldn’t stress about.
  • I know that without Josephine I would not cope too well with Jack.
  • I know I need to get to gym more often.
  • I know I love listening to Tracy Chapman (thanks to Celeste for Grooveshark I can all day long)
  • I know when I am stressed my blood pressure drops and I crave sweets.
  • I know that on the 3rd December I have invites for a ballet concert, a little girls birthday party, a reunion, a house warming and birthday party and an after care end of year Christmas Party.
  • I know I should just go and try the wedding dress on I saw but I am too nervous to go and ask them!
  • I know I do not want to be pregnant or deal with a newborn again but I do want another baby.
  • I know I need to be a better friend.
  • I know I should be sorting a website out instead of writing this blog post.
  • I know the original blog award said 7 things but whatever its Friday AND it’s my blog so rules out the window.

I need to pass this on to 15 blogs which I can not do – not because I don’t have the time because I should be busy with that website I mentioned AND I have stuff to do at the shop AND I have to get to gym (also above) so I am awarding all the ladies below ๐Ÿ™‚


Learner Mom




(The rules are you need to post 7 things about yourself and then award 15 bloggers)

So what do you know? Join in here.

Things I know

I actually don’t know much today to be honest. It’s been one of those weeks and I am extremely stressed out – my hair is actually falling out – handfuls of it :-/ It’s upsetting me.

Anyway so here are a bunch of random things I know.

  • Jack is sleeping better and I know this makes a huge difference in my day.
  • I know lunch with my fiance during the week is special.
  • I know there is nothing that beats making it in time to see your son hit a 4 in his cricket match and taking the first wicket of the game.
  • When I get really stressed I read and loose myself in a book – I got through 2 in the last week and am now sorry I never bought 2 more.
  • I am super excited for our trip to Cape Town – right now we have no one fetching us from the airport and no way to get to where we need to be BUT we will be there :-p
  • I need to get to gym more – I know this.
  • I am craving sweets again – this hasn’t happened for months – it is not a good sign.
  • I know I am very glad it is weekend.

What do you know? Join in here.

Things I know and you didn’t

Shae did this for this weeks “things I know” so I am doing it to ๐Ÿ™‚

A few things I know about me that maybe you didn’t :-p

  • I can not handle oil on my skin – I love a massage but loathe having oil rubbed on me. I can handle cream but small amounts.
  • I just passed Maths in Matric – after a year in extra maths I managed 40% on higher grade – a pass is a pass right?
  • I love having my feet rubbed – I am working towards being able to have a pedicure once a week.
  • I am petrified of the dark and hospitals – still now at 33. Both cause me much anxiety.
  • I am not close with my extended family at all. We were growing up but when we grew up we grew apart.
  • I still really would love to complete my Law degree.
  • I want to do more to help those less fortunate – I have signed up to help out at Ikholwa – this has been something I have wanted to do for ages but something always comes up – no more excuses.
  • Some days parenting is too much effort and I let things slide.
  • I will only swim at gym when it is empty and no one else is in the pool.

So what do you know about me? Or about you? Or about life? Join in ๐Ÿ™‚

Things I know about my fiance

In honour of our engagement party tomorrow I am dedicating this edition of “Things I know” to David.

So be prepared for some cheese and unicorns and rainbows!

Things I know about my awesome man

  • He gets up at night to feed Jack (and have a small chat with him)
  • He listens patiently to Kiaras painfully long stories.
  • He knows what he wants.
  • When I ask him to please buy me sweets he arrives home with a packet full of different ones.
  • He is strong.
  • He can be a tad OCD about things.
  • He is incredible competitive – he must win – even UNO.
  • He is stubborn.
  • He will eat my cooking – even on the bad days and say it was lovely!
  • He makes me laugh.
  • He is hot.
  • He is ambitious and pushes me to do more and be more.
  • He loves me.
  • He loves my children.
  • He is an amazing father to Jack and to Cameron and Kiara.
  • He is MINE and I love him more and more every day!

So what do you know today. Join up over here.

Things I know about working from home

The last 2 weeks have been a huge challenge in terms of work because my mom has been here – it was hard to balance work and spending time with her because I was here all day.

What I have learnt about working from home so far….

  • You MUST have a separate space – you can’t work from your room or the dining room table. You need a dedicated space that is considered the “office”.
  • Boundaries need to be established with family (the ones you live with) – they need to understand that even though you are at home you are working and can’t just fetch, drop, make, bake, check.
  • Plan the day – there will be chores that need to be done so plan the day and set time for work and time for personal and stick to it!
  • Organise organise organise. Everything just works better if you have meals planned, kids appointments and sports all in one place so you can see them.
  • Having a new baby at home when you are trying to work is HARD – even with full time help. It is almost impossible to work while your baby cries – even if it’s while he is being put down or waiting for a bottle – it’s hard!
  • You need to get out and have lunch/coffee with friends at least once a month – even if you do have adult interaction in the work you do – this is really important.

What do you know this week? Join in here.