Things I know about Jack

Jack was 24 weeks on Monday – so 6 months in weeks 🙂

So a few things about Mr Jack

  • He is getting up on all 4s and is rocking. My Moms and Babes teacher reckons he will crawl soon.
  • He is still not sleeping through – he wakes almost exactly every hour from about 22h00 to around 3/4 and then sleeps soundly.
  • He is eating solids and loving it – he has all 3 meals and prefers his veggies.


  • He loves his siblings and they are both guarenteed a smile every time they look at him.
  • His wriggling around resulted in the Christmas tree falling on his head. He wasn’t too impressed.
  • He loves his little Tigger taglet thingy and needs it to fall asleep.


  • He has a temper of note.
  • He laughs from his belly that he actually looses his breath momentarily.
  • He loves water – the bath, the hose pipe – whatever.
  • He has a nice daily routine with 2 long naps which make the afternoons a lot easier.
  • He talks all day long – it is tooo cute.

What do you know this week?

Things I know about cloth nappies

I have wanted to do this post for ages now because every time I tell people I use cloth nappies they recoil in horror and ask “HOW do you cope”

So a few things I know about cloth nappies 🙂

  • I pop them into a dedicated bucket – we don’t smell them or see them.
  • The liners make disposing of poop easy – we simply flick it off in the loo.
  • We soak them and then throw them in the washing machine – that simple – no washing by hand over a wash board.
  • They do not leak. I have had more leaking issues from disposables.
  • They are cost effective – our pack cost just over R3000 and should last us until he potty trains – I may just need some more waterproofs – so add maybe R300.
  • I don’t have to worry about running out or making sure we have enough – they are always just there.
  • They look cute – there is no folding or safety pins.
  • I have two issues – the fact that if we go out it’s not that easy to keep a poop nappy in your nappy bag – even in a scented nappy bag – so we use disposables
  • The second issue is the velcro on the waterproofs – I would prefer poppers but the velcro works fine.


To check out more information there are a few local sites that supply them – Earth Babies (which we will be stocking in our shop), Mother Nature and DoodleBums.

What do you know today?