BEE, sport and your kid


I was all fired up last night to write this post today, then Emma didn’t sleep last night and vomited repeatedly all over her cot, herself, me, my bed and about 10 towels and then all I wanted to do was write a post about how Emma vomited all over, the perimeter alarm kept going off waking Jack and David had abandoned us for some godforsaken African country.

So I wrote nothing.

Then I started getting antsy because there was no post today, so I considered writing about how terrified I am about Cameron’s new swimming adventure or how I am done apologising to people who don’t have kids for my kids or about the home made chicken schnitzels I made.

But I kept coming back to this topic.

During a chat I had with a sport coach yesterday he mentioned Cameron stands a good chance of getting into the provincial team because they do take their BEE targets seriously. OH! Ok then!

Obviously he can’t just show up, tick the coloured box and make the team. He does have to show serious potential BUT I am not sure how I feel about HIM making the team based on this should it ever happen.

I am not too keen on BEE in sport in general. I really feel it is one of those things that the strongest and hardest working deserve to make it, regardless of the colour of their skin. I personally feel we are far along in our democracy for this not to apply in sport any more and the more I think about it, the more I don’t want it applied to my kids. I want Cameron (and Kiara) to be chosen based on their performance and not on the colour of their skin. I think it almost takes away from them if they are chosen so that the team can reach its targets.

I also think that this creates a sense of entitlement, sort of like ” I deserve to be on the team because I am a person of colour” when in fact Cameron is growing up possibly more privileged that I did! I don’t want any of my kids thinking they have an advantage over their counterparts because of something like the colour of their skin.

I am possibly over thinking this whole thing especially since nothing has actually happened yet but it is stuff that I lie awake thinking about while I wait for the baby to wake up.

What are your thoughts on this?

How would you feel if your child was chosen for the team because they were the right colour?

Jacks First Birthday

First Birthdays are always a big deal – more for the parents than for the child because they don’t ever remember it.

Being at home the last few weeks meant I had loads of time to prepare for Jacks party.

The theme was aeroplanes and after searching unsuccessfully for pictures to use as cupcake toppers etc I found, through a blog, this lady – i-Candy Party Printables. She was so great. She designed the theme we wanted in the colour we wanted and almost immediately I had cupcake wrappers and toppers, a banner, thank you cards, juice wrappers and more. It was SO awesome.

Every year I vow to outsource the cake but every year I end up making it. David decided he wanted to make Jacks cake this year (after I found a very nice one I was convinced Tanya could make easily). Anyway 2 days before the party when no cake was forthcoming from David I decided I better get a move on. Thankfully the cake we had decided on had a very nice tutorial so it really wasn’t too hard. The icing part sucks though and I did underestimate how much cake it needed. I was pretty chuffed with how it ended up though :)

After a last minute venue change and some help from my awesome friends everything was set up and it all went off really well. Jack got totally spoilt and had a ball. He stayed awake all day and spent all day being cute and chilled. It was such a lovely day.

Neither David nor I actually took one picture so I am eternally grateful to Natasha for taking these.

The Venue: Zita Park, Zita Street, Garstfontein
The Photos: Natasha Whiteley
The printables: i-Candy Party Printables
The propellors for the marshmallows: Tanya from Enchanted Cakes
The cake: Made by me but help from this site.