Jacks First Birthday

First Birthdays are always a big deal – more for the parents than for the child because they don’t ever remember it.

Being at home the last few weeks meant I had loads of time to prepare for Jacks party.

The theme was aeroplanes and after searching unsuccessfully for pictures to use as cupcake toppers etc I found, through a blog, this lady – i-Candy Party Printables. She was so great. She designed the theme we wanted in the colour we wanted and almost immediately I had cupcake wrappers and toppers, a banner, thank you cards, juice wrappers and more. It was SO awesome.

Every year I vow to outsource the cake but every year I end up making it. David decided he wanted to make Jacks cake this year (after I found a very nice one I was convinced Tanya could make easily). Anyway 2 days before the party when no cake was forthcoming from David I decided I better get a move on. Thankfully the cake we had decided on had a very nice tutorial so it really wasn’t too hard. The icing part sucks though and I did underestimate how much cake it needed. I was pretty chuffed with how it ended up though :)

After a last minute venue change and some help from my awesome friends everything was set up and it all went off really well. Jack got totally spoilt and had a ball. He stayed awake all day and spent all day being cute and chilled. It was such a lovely day.

Neither David nor I actually took one picture so I am eternally grateful to Natasha for taking these.

The Venue: Zita Park, Zita Street, Garstfontein
The Photos: Natasha Whiteley
The printables: i-Candy Party Printables
The propellors for the marshmallows: Tanya from Enchanted Cakes
The cake: Made by me but help from this site.