Fast Forward

You know when VCR’s were still around and you were watching the taped episode of The Cosby’s and you fast forward through the adverts and the people look like they are walking and talking like the are on speed?

Well that’s how I feel.

Last week was one of the busiest weeks ever but it was so worth it (watch out for tomorrows blog post) and while this week it’s set to be just as busy it’s not as pressurised.

I needed a chilled weekend – what I got though was fast fast forward.

Saturday morning I spent at the shop, then we went to Joburg to get Davids 94.7 challenge pack, then to one of his friends birthdays, then to sushi dinner with friends.

Sunday was an early start with D leaving for his race and I worked until about 11h00 then fetched Cameron (who had a sleep over), dropped all kids off at a friend and then I headed to the end of the 94.7 challenge to catch D finish – I am SO glad I got to see him cross the finish line. He has worked SO hard for this – it was a big deal. From there we drove back home, fetched kids, fetched my car, stopped at the shops, made dinner and then we all literally fell into bed.

My sexy man and I after his race

My sexy man and I after his race

Jacks not sleeping so there is a lack of sleep which isn’t helping so this morning when I woke up I did consider taking a Bennylin day but my to do list doubled over night (thanks to Jack not sleeping I think of things to do during the night) and well it had to be done.

The highlight of my day today was that since we moved some furniture to the shop on Saturday we had space in my study for a CRAFT TABLE!!!! I am beyond excited. Hoping I will get to find time to fit something creative soon.

I wish there was a pause button but it’s the end of the year craziness I suppose 🙂

Just in case my plate wasn’t full enough I have added this Secret Santa to the list – go join in – DO IT.