So…the job and other interesting things


It is a pretty well known fact now that I am working. I have a job with a contract and everything. Its all very proper really.

I haven’t blogged about it because there isn’t really much to say except that I am now working from home writing. It is a great opportunity because it allows me to work from home, set my own hours and obviously means I am earning an income again which takes the pressure off a little.

It has been a little bit of a challenge with Emma though. She is an “in the arms” baby so I spend a fair amount of time typing with her on my lap or working after she has gone to bed, which I REALLY do not enjoy. So I have employed a lady to come in three days a week to help me with her.

Anyway there really isn’t much more to say about that.

In other news, we are taking Emma to the ENT tomorrow to have her tongue checked out and book the procedure to fix it. (In case you missed it she is tongue tied). I am trying not really think too much about the actual procedure because it does involve anesthetic but I also can’t leave it anymore because while she is eating nicely, I can see it does affect the way she takes the food in.

We had Parents Evening at Jacks school last night and he is doing really well.There are a few little things we need to work on but over all he is doing just fine.

Kiara also got a really great report card. She has improved in almost all subjects which is awesome. I am battling a little with her behaviour at the moment – she suffers from, what I call, the Princess Complex which I shall have to blog about at some point.

I feel very behind on life at the moment. I managed to catch up on a bit of blog reading this morning, replied to emails and actually had a little bit of time to just be quiet and plan the next few weeks and hopefully manage to get a few coffee dates planned again. School holidays are actually very disruptive because 4 times a year we need to have a break in routine and then readjust.

I have booked a family shoot for us for the first time ever. I am super excited. We have very few photos of us before Emma, I think the only ones are the wedding ones so I really want to get some decent pictures of us all.

Whats going on in your world??


Gosh so you guys don’t play hey! You clearly don’t approve of my writers boot camp posts or you all removed me from your readers when you discovered I was a thief. I am trying not to take it personally since I do see comments on other boot camp posts!


Anyway because I do enjoy the comments I will try and post a non writers boot camp post!

Every holiday I forget that holidays with babies really aren’t holidays. Thankfully Emma’s night time sleeping has improved 100% but her day time naps are now an issue. She is tired, she wants to sleep but she SCREAMS the second we try to put her down. Since I have been here it has taken both my mom and I to get her down and almost all her naps. I will rock her while she screams, then my mom takes over and eventually she passes out and vice versa! Once down she sleeps fine – sometimes a short nap and others a long one. So it’s just to get her down? So tiring.

The big 3 are having a great time though. They are spending lots of time outside painting, running, playing – just being kids. It is cold but warm enough for them to be outside for most of the day thankfully.Jack

I have been working in between and am halfway with what I need to have done but it has been a challenge.

My diet has obviously gone out the window. I cut out carbs over 2 months ago I think. About 2 weeks ago I started having them again now and then – not a lot and not even daily but I felt the difference. While I have been here I have carbo loaded like a marathon runner! It has not been pretty and I feel rubbish! I have low blood pressure again, I am bloated, my tummy is sore and the worst thing is I am hungry all the time. I am not arguing for or against the Tim Noakes diet because I still do have my doubts BUT I will say that I can feel the difference when I cut carbs out.

I am behind in my blog reading. When I get a gap on the PC I work or blog quickly – there is little time for reading unfortunately :(

I have had a fight this week with Kalahari. I bought Cameron an eBook but we can’t read it. Kalahari were USELESS! I contacted them on Monday morning – the issue STILL hasn’t been resolved so I eventually bought the book for him on Amazon and he is reading it through the Kindle app – I should have asked around BEFORE just using Kalahari. I really hate poor customer service because there is no need for it besides laziness!

Cameron has reached that age where he is too big to play with the little kids but to young still to entertain himself for an extended period of time. So he has been causing chaos, teasing the little ones and just being a bit of a pain. I am hoping now that I have his book he will be a little less painful.

Whats new with you? 


On anniversaries


Yesterday David and I were married a year.

It doesn’t feel like a year. I can’t think back to life without him in our lives. We have managed to pack so much into the almost 5 years we have been together that it feels so much longer. I said to David on Saturday night that I long for a calm, peaceful year with no hospital visits, no life changing events – just calm.

I was thinking back over the past year and while a good marriage requires hard work from both parties, there are other people involved to. Our family and friends have all contributed to our relationship it many ways. There are the friends who I have messaged at 2h00 in the morning, who replied. There are parents who talk us through changing a light fitting. There are grannies who send keepsakes from days gone by. There are friends who baby sit and help fetch kids. There are moms who full up petrol tanks now and then. There are friends who never say no to a coffee date.

Our relationship doesn’t depend on these people, we don’t need them to make us work but having the support of our amazing friends and family makes life a little easier and a lot brighter.

So while David and I celebrated with a quiet dinner at home (with no kids), I would like to say thank you to both our families and all our friends who are sharing this journey with us.

Thank you for the messages, the emails, the glasses of wine, the braais, the unexpected gifts, the holidays, the advice, the support.

Thank you for being a part of our life.

We are family

I have been very moany of late about how tough it all is and it has been BUT it has also been good. Very good.

While having four children can be extremely chaotic there are some real advantages of having many of us.

There is always someone to help. Sometimes they aren’t always willing but there is always someone to hold the baby, put the toddlers shoes on, check the rice, make sandwiches, carry bags.

The kids have play mates. Even with the age gap they keep each other entertained. It changes from day to day – some days Kiara and Cameron get on, others it’s Jack and Cameron and some days all three play together.

There is always a cheerleading squad at sports events, dances etc – kinda like rent-a-crowd.

There is always noise. Strange I know because I complain about it but their is nothing as comforting as the sound of children laughing, playing, talking, joking.

Some days it is like a little human zoo in our house. Toys lie everywhere, there is always someone snacking or making tea or messing about in the kitchen, clothes are everywhere except the washing basket, the TV is blaring, the iPad is shooting someone, the iPod is singing, the PC’s have a show playing, kids are arguing.

But it is my human zoo and I wouldn’t change a thing!

Dear Family

My dear children, I birthed you all. I know you all better than you know yourself. I know when you are scared, happy, frightened and hungry. I know what makes you anxious. I know where you happy places are. I know you!

I also know where you go to school, who your soccer coach is, who your dance instructor is and how you need your shoes to be tied. I know what I need to know to get you to where you need to be.

What I do not know, however, is where you put your shin pads when you came back from soccer. I do not know where you put your school socks after you wore them. I do not know where your Lightning McQueen car is. I do not know what your English teacher said. I also have no idea where you glasses are or where your personal diary is.


The good Lord has given you all a beautiful pair of eyes and a brain in your head! USE them to look for YOUR things or even better still – put your things in YOUR room – that way you will know where YOUR stuff is!

Despite popular belief I do not spend my days moving around just to mess with you. A part of me wishes I did have the time to do that!

I love you all more than I love dark Aero chocolate and vanilla flavoured coffee but if one of you ask me one more time where something is I am trading you all in for chocolate and coffee!

PS – please tell your father that the same applies to him!

News Years Inspiration – My word

I joined this blog challenge over at Another Girly Blog and I nearly missed the deadline with all our holidaying and what not but here it is.

My inspiration for the year ahead.

My word. I actually wasn’t planning a word for this year but this one kind of found me on old years eve and so here I am – accepting things. When I told Julia she said to me “This means lots of biting your tongue” – indeed it does but it also doesn’t mean becoming a doormat . To me it means, accepting the things I can not change, making peace with them and learning to deal with them.


My second inspiration for the year is my family. I want to focus more this year on the 6 of us as a family – being together more, doing stuff together as a family and not simply getting through the day and racing through the weekends.

PicMonkey Collage

Here’s to you, 2013

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way. Charles Dickens


I love this quote. I have mentioned it a few times on this blog and every time I think back on a year it springs to mind. Some years are better than others in general but at times, it does feel like it was the best year and the worst year at the same time. We make smart choices and we make stupid choices. Isn’t it how life is? Sometimes really good, we feel in control and then it’s not so good and we loose control.

If I look back over 2013, it was a good year.  It was the year I married the only man I have ever really and truly loved and it was a magical day. Definitely one of the best days of my life.

It was also the year we took a huge stride forward with Kiara. We aren’t out of the woods just yet but it has gotten so much easier and she is in a much happier place now.

Those two things are probably the highlights of the year. Both had a significantly positive  impact on our lives.

There were a collection of smaller moments that together contributed to it being a good year.

  • Jack started school.IMG_2013
  • Cameron had another great academic year at school.
  • I had a great blogging year.
  • I visited my parents twice.
  • David and I had a great honeymoon in Zanzibar.
  • I met some bloggers I have been friends with for ages for the first time.
  • We bought a new car.
  • I had a great health and fitness year.

But with the good there are always challenges – David’s overseas travel increased, which is great for his career but does add strain, not only to the family as a whole but also to our relationship (one of my main love languages is quality time), money issues, work issues for David, a few family issues.

There were times it felt like for every step we took forward, something happened and we fell 2 steps back. In the relatively short time David and I have been together we have had some really tough times, not really in 7.5x10our relationship but more in dealing with life. We both keep waiting for it to get easier. Hopefully that’s what 2014 is going to be about.

After all is said and done though it was a awesome year. I have an amazing family who, once again, showed their support and love for us. I have an incredible husband who makes me so incredibly happy. I have 3 perfect children who make everyday an adventure. I have a small group of wonderful friends.

I am blessed.

Even when the days are long and the times are tough – I am blessed. I have love. I have support. I have happiness.

I had an excellent year.

So here’s to a great 2013 and an even better 2014.


Family holidays

I had the best intentions of writing 5 posts last week for this week because I knew I wouldn’t probably have much time to write while we are visiting my mom but it never happened! So my poor blog has sat here, dead for the past week! How very sad!


My parents have just taken all the kids for a walk so I am using the time to get my internet/writing fix!

The week has flown by! We have been here 5 days already but it doesn’t feel like it at all. We have been so busy that by 19h30 we all fall into bed and are asleep before our heads hit the pillow. My 3 aunts were also up for the first 3 days which was so lovely. They live in Durban so neither my mom nor I see them often at all so it was really great to spend time with them.

And have we eaten! While my aunts were here my mom made proper meals for every meal time. So we ate and we ate!!! I am going to have to do a little detox when I get home (if they let my fat ass on the plane that is). But it has been great.


Holidays can be bittersweet though! David wasn’t able to join us this week and we miss him. As awesome as it has been, I still felt a gap where he should have been and I am now missing him lots.

I know I have said this a million times but it is not easy having family so far and when you visit you are reminded of what you are leaving behind. There is a pull to go home but also a pull to stay! I am not sure how David is going to drag us home in January after we have been here almost a month!

Kiara, particularly, thrives where my mother is. She transforms into a totally different child. At home she is never 3 steps from where I am and constantly checks on me, asks where we are going, goes with me everywhere but here I never see her. She doesn’t ask me anything – she just carries on with her own thing.

Of course, the added bonus is that it is beautiful here! Every day the sky is bluer than the day before. It has been chilly in the mornings but it warms up and is just stunning.

1234114_331965163615192_1514466188_nIt will be with a heavy heart that we say goodbye on Sunday but we have made some wonderful memories while we have been here which is all that matters.


Post Comment Love

So family!


The family. We were a strange little band of characters trudging through life sharing diseases and toothpaste, coveting one another’s desserts, hiding shampoo, borrowing money, locking each other out of our rooms, inflicting pain and kissing to heal it in the same instant, loving, laughing, defending, and trying to figure out the common thread that bound us all together. ~Erma Bombeck

There was a little incident yesterday. I think it actually only upset my mom and I but it reminded me that you are never too old to want to punch someone who is mean to your sibling!

Family can be such a minefield of emotions, complexities and challenges because they aren’t like friends. As much you may want to you can’t just say “I don’t want to be your sister anymore! I am unfriending you” and then cut all ties. Well I suppose in extreme cases you can but in general it is not that easy. The ties that bind family will still be there whether or not you actually speak to each other or not.

My parents and my brother have always been a huge part of my daily life. We have never lived very far from one another and my mom is sort of the post office. My brother and I talk to her daily and she shares the news with us and my dad. So we always know whats going on.

I am still not used to being so far away from them all. It isn’t even just about the support. It is about having family nearby. Sunday lunches, crashing at moms house for end of the month dinner (because mom never seems to have end of the month :)), cousin play dates. As awesome as our friends are, there really is nothing like family.

There are times when we drive each other made, say hurtful things or are just down right mean to one another but at the end of the day, when the chips are down I know that my family have my back and they know I have theirs.

How close is your family?